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Best 10×10 Grow Tent Reviews

Over the past weeks, we have looked at some great ways in which you can grow marijuana at home.

In our detailed grow tent series, we have walked you through all of the different sizes available when it comes to the best grow tents and showed you grow tent reviews to make your buying decision a little easier.

Whatever your budget, level of expertise or desired number of plants, we have outlined a tent for everyone.

For anyone looking to max out with a bumper harvest on a year-round basis, today’s article will show you how to get the best tent for the job.

Today, we are rounding off our series with 2 of the best 10x10 grow tent reviews.

With a 10x10 grow tent and some well chosen grow lights , you could yield well over 350 plants with a maxed-out Sea of Green grow. That’s a great deal of weed.

Let’s look now at 2 excellent options for you if you’re looking for the best 10x10 grow tent on the market.

Predictably, Gorilla makes an appearance. It’s hard to review the best grow tents without including something from the leading name in the game. The other sizeable tent is from LA Garden which is more affordable while still very high quality.


Let’s look now at a couple of 10x10 grow tent reviews so you can choose the best option for your personal growing situation.

10x10 Grow Tent Reviews

When it comes to anything related to growing medical marijuana, Gorilla are widely considered to be the go-to brand.

Sure, their products are not the cheapest. You need to pay for quality, though.

This 10x10 grow tent at the upper end of their diverse size range is no exception. Everything is built to the exacting standards you expect from this thoroughly reputable brand.

1680 denier fabric is far denser than that provided on the tents of the vast bulk of the competition. Density is key when growing marijuana so you can maintain a controlled environment inside the tent with no light leakage.

Zippers let many manufacturers down. These come under heavy fire with grow tents being continuously zipped back and forth. Gorilla serve you up with some hardcore zippers that will not betray you and spoil your grow.

EZ View windows mean that you can keep an eye on things without needlessly stressing those zippers and disturbing the lighting in your tent.

If you want even more size, the extension kit means you can increase the height to 8 feet or 9 feet if conditions dictate that to be necessary.

The flood pool is highly durable and just what you need so you can grow without worrying about mishaps.

If you want a really substantial tent capable of returning you 350 plants, you should give serious consideration to this Gorilla 10x10.

It’s not cheap but will give you a massive return on your outlay. Think of the size of that harvest…


  • 1680D threaded canvas
  • EZ View windows take the sting out of constantly entering and exiting the tent
  • First-rate reflectivity due to Mylar lining with diamond pattern for optimum effect
  • Height adjustable with extension kit included
  • Flood pool incredibly well-built so safety is assured
  • Strong, reliable zippers
  • Designed to stop all light leakage


  • The sheer size can be overwhelming so make sure this kind of tent is what you are looking for before investing
  • As always with Gorilla, take note that they don’t take much care of concealing the contents of your package

​Coming in at a far keener price point, this excellent 10x10 grow tent from LA Garden is big enough for pretty much all growing needs and does not sacrifice quality for cost.

The Oxford cloth is thick and dense enough to do its job at creating a controlled growing environment. The diamond Mylar inside ensures you get the most out of your grow.

The Oxford cloth is thick and dense enough to do its job at creating a controlled growing environment. The diamond Mylar inside ensures you get the most out of your grow.

You can avoid needing to constantly traipse in and out of the tent. The pair of viewing windows mean you can monitor proceedings from outside any time you want.

When you are growing 350 plants, you need plenty of equipment. 6 nylon straps will bear the load of any lights and fans you need to hang up.

The vents are equipped with a high density screen. This effectively keeps out mosquito fly protecting your plants and allowing you to relax rather than panic about pests.


  • 600D Oxford canvas
  • Aluminum frame is highly durable and supportive
  • Diamond, waterproof Mylar reflects just about all light
  • Pair of observation windows to keep an eye on things fuss-free
  • High density screen on vents eliminates mosquito fly inside
  • Multiple venting for perfect climate control
  • 6 nylon belts to accommodate all necessary equipment


  • Very large so be sure this will fit in your grow space


We very much hope that anyone interested in growing medical marijuana has found this extensive grow tent series useful and informative.

At no stage do we suggest that any particular tent is the best option. Everyone has entirely different growing

Please feel free to get in touch at any time at all. Whether it’s some advice on choosing the best grow tent or anything else related to gardening, we’re always delighted to hear from our readers.

You should now be armed with more than enough information to ensure that you end up with the best grow tent for your needs at a price point you can afford. You have so much choice and so many superb tents to choose from, it’s then just a case of selecting the best seeds and taking care of business.


Whether it’s the best 10x10 grow tent or a much smaller version you prefer, happy growing and good luck!

Best 8×8 Grow Tent Reviews

If you want to grow marijuana at home, you’ll need a trustworthy set-up.

One of the most popular, effective and efficient ways in which to accomplish this is to get yourself the best grow tent you can afford.

With a grow tent, rather than having a grow-op in plain view, it’s completely contained inside a highly secure and heavy-duty tent making your life easier.

Getting the best grow tent for your needs is not rocket science.

Think about what, precisely, you want from your grow…

If it’s just a couple of plants you’re after then you’re in the wrong place! Check out our best 2x2 grow tent reviews for some much smaller tents better suited to that job.

For anyone looking for a really heavy harvest of a couple hundred plants or more, today’s article is a great starting point.

Today, we’ll look at some 8x8 grow tent reviews as we near the end of this in-depth grow tent series.

With an 8x8 grow tent and the best LED lights, you can grow a whopping 256 plants with a maxed-out Sea of Green grow. That should be enough for most small commercial growers.

Let’s look now at 2 excellent options for you if you’re looking for the best 8x8 grow tent on the market.

We will check out a solid tent from Gorilla, consistently market leaders. We’ll also explore a complete package from Secret Jardin, rivals when it comes to making the best grow tent.

8x8 Grow Tent Reviews

If you are looking to grow a bumper harvest of 256 plants, a great place to start is with an 8x8 grow tent from Gorilla.

The density of the canvas is exceptional at 1680 denier. The inside is lined with a diamond-patterned Mylar which is the most advanced way to get the very most reflectivity and, in turn, the best out of your grow.

The 8x8 is a tent suitable for professional growers or those who want to grow at home in more than the usual quantity. Make sure that the room you have in mind is large enough for this roomy tent before investing in it. It pays to leave a square foot or so all around the tent too so you can access everything

Where this tent is from the LITE LINE, the only thing you won’t get thrown in from the main line tent is the height extension poles. If you want to increase the dimensions of your tent upwards, you’ll need to buy a separate set of poles.


If you are in the market for a really substantial grow tent that won’t let you down, you should pop this awesome 8x8 on your shortlist.


  • Ultra-dense1680D canvas
  • Viewing windows to make maintenance a breeze and to keep your growing environment secure
  • With diamond patterned Mylar lining, almost all light is reflected leading to increased yield
  • Usual weak points of zippers have been reinforced to lessen any light leakage
  • Stash your kit close at hand in useful tool pouch hanging on tent


  • Extremely bulky
  • You need to buy height extension poles separately
  • Watch for packaging: Gorilla do not disguise their products particularly well

If you are a professional grower with a healthy budget looking to bring on 256 plants in a secure environment, the mighty Secret Jardin offer a perfect solution in the form of this complete package.

The grow tent is their formidable 8x8 model.

Secret Jardin produce dense and durable 210D tents with solid steel tubes that will not let you down or buckle under the weight of your equipment.

And thinking of equipment, you’ll get a great deal thrown in with this combo package…

What’s Included?

  • Grow Tent (8x8 Secret Jardin)
  • Ballast (4 x 1000 Watt Digital from Phantom)
  • Lamp (4 x Xtrasun 1000 Watt HPS)
  • Reflector (4 x Daystar)
  • Light Hangers (4 x rope ratchets)
  • Voltage: (120V/240V)
  • Thermometer (2 x Active Air Hydro)
  • Fan (8 inch incline and 16 inch oscillating)

You really will have pretty much everything you need to get up and running growing the best medical marijuana.

Everything within the tent is as you would expect from a Secret Jardin product. Grow tents are remarkably simple pieces of kit. With a dense, Mylar-lined fabric to prevent light leakage and heighten reflectivity, you can focus on your plants without being sidetracked by concerns about your growing gear letting you down.

As you can see from the above, everything from lights through to ratchets to hang them on are included so you are pretty much all set.

One thing that you will need to focus on is getting the very best seeds. Think about what you want from your crop so that you get the right variety.

This package is not cheap but you really do get all bases covered. If you lack the time to assemble everything that you need from scratch, why not let the experts take care of it for you?

Take a long hard look at the contents, think about how much it would cost you to assemble this kit piecemeal – not forgetting to factor in your time – and offset this against an ongoing crop potential of 256 plants…

When you look at it in those terms, this Secret Jardin complete grow tent package actually starts seeming like rather good value for money. Your return on investment should be considerable.


We hope you have enjoyed this series of articles aimed at helping anyone growing medical marijuana.

If you have any queries at all then send us a message and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

We trust you have found these 8x8 grow tent reviews informative and that you have picked up some useful information.

Now go and fill that tent because it’s time to get growing!

Best 5×5 Grow Tent Review

When it comes to growing marijuana at home, using the best grow tent is perhaps the simplest and most efficient method for a consistent and decent harvest.

With everything contained inside a sealed environment, no untoward smells seep out.

At a glance, a grow tent looks somewhat like a canvas closet or some kind of clothes drying device. Grow tents are stealthy.

Getting the best grow tent for the job need not be a stressful experience.

Today, we’ll look at some 5x5 grow tent reviews having stepped up in size throughout this grow tent series from some great 2x2 tents up through much larger tents like today’s 5x5 monsters.

Using a 5x5 grow tent and some great LED lights, you can grow over 100 plants if you fully maximize a Sea of Green crop.

Think carefully about how many plants you really want to crop, what sort of space you have to accommodate the growing equipment and then choose accordingly.

Any of the tents we have reviewed in this series would make a great choice.


Let’s look now at 3 great 5x5 grow tent reviews.

5x5 Grow Tent Reviews

VIVOSUN have a reputation for producing rock-solid grow tents at a highly attractive price point.

600D fabric is dense enough to create a superb growing environment keeping light from leaking and disturbing your grow.

As with the majority of tents today, Mylar is used for its first-rate reflective properties. The use of this material helps to optimize your yield.

Although this tent is bulky, assembly is a breeze. You won’t need any tools (although it would be a smart move to grab the help of a friend).

The constant use endured by grow tent zippers means that light can leak at these weak spots even with the best grow tents. VIVOSUN have paid attention to detail here and made sure the zippers are built to go the distance.

With solid steel tubing and a dense, heavy fabric, this tent will give you a great growing environment for 100 plants or so without costing you the earth. Give this 5x5 grow tent a shot. You won’t be disappointed.


  • 600D fabric double-stitched and tear proof
  • Superb value for money
  • Straightforward assembly with no tools needed
  • Mylar for optimum reflectivity
  • Reinforced zippers to combat usual weak point for light leakage
  • Steel tubes with large diameter offer great support so grow with confidence
  • Keep an eye on your plants through the observation window
  • 2-year limited warranty


  • Check that corners are fully secured against light leakage

Alongside Gorilla, Secret Jardin and VIVOSUN, Apollo Horticulture consistently end up on most lists of the best grow tents.

With an extremely durable tent at a very keen price, this 5x5 will give you outstanding value for money.

You should be able to grow in the region of 100 plants so you can expect a great return on your investment.

From the solid frame through the heavy-duty canvas, this tent is rugged and hard-wearing. You’ll be able to house all your equipment and a healthy bundle of plants without feeling cramped.

Zippers are secure and the seams double-stitched so you can concentrate on your plants without worrying about leaking light undoing all your good work.

If you have any issues with unwanted smells in your grow room, consider picking up some Ona Gel. This works wonder for neutralizing smells and doesn’t cost much at all.

Dollar for dollar, buying this great 5x5 grow tent from Apollo Horticulture is one of the wisest choices you could make.


  • Harvest up to 100 plants with this 5x5 tent
  • Fabric is dense enough to stop light penetrating
  • Mylar lining for superb reflectivity
  • Inexpensive for such quality
  • Fabric and design helps prevent pests intruding
  • Zippers will not let you down
  • 90-day warranty with great customer care
  • Very discreet packaging


  • Be gentle when tying corner straps: they can tear if you use too much force

No collection of the best 5x5 grow tent reviews would be complete without an offering from the industry giant Gorilla.

With this stealthy black 5x5, you can grow around 100 plants in the comfort of your home. The infrared blocking that inserts into the roof is a superb touch of security.

Many grow tents produce fabric which is 600D (denier) in terms of density. Gorilla go the extra mile and the 1680D canvas really is built to stand the test of time.

When it comes to 5x5 grow tents, you’ll easily have the space to walk in and tend to your plants. It makes sense, though, to keep the number of times you enter and exit the tent to a bare minimum. A pair of excellent viewing windows mean you can keep your beady eye on things from outside fuss-free.

As with all tents from the main Gorilla line, you’ll get a height extension kit thrown in free of charge. This alone makes an already flexible purchase even more versatile still.

The quality of Gorilla tents extends all the way down to attention to detail like the tool pouch hanging handily for accessories like your thermometer. This 5x5 grow tent is consistently well reviewed and, if your budget will stretch to it, you can buy in absolute confidence.


  • 1680D canvas far more dense than many competitors so grow with total security
  • Tent is large enough to walk in but comes with a pair of handy viewing windows to minimize disturbance to your plants
  • Infrared blocking for roof: grow in safety
  • Mylar reflects perfectly so you can max out your grow
  • Zippers will not let you down
  • Free height extension poles
  • Nifty pouch on tent to store accessories close to hand


  • Need a friend to help you erect the tent
  • As always, be aware that Gorilla do not use the stealthiest packaging Wrap-Up

If you want any more information about the best 5x5 grow tents or you have any other queries related to growing medical marijuana, just get in touch. We’ll get back to you as soon as we’re able.

We hope you have found these 5x5 grow tent reviews useful and that your buying decision is simplified. Stick to your budget, be realistic about your space limitations and get the right tent for you.

Now it’s time to get growing!

Best 4×8 Grow Tent Review

Gardening takes many forms and lots of people now are looking for a grow tent to bring on some medical marijuana at home.

Getting the best grow tent for the job need not be a headache.

In our best grow tent series, we’ve given you all the background you need followed by a review of the best grow tents in each sizing.

Whether you want a tiny tent capable of yielding a few plants or a far more substantial structure, we’ve outlined the very best grow tents to cater for all requirements and budgets.

Using a 4x8 grow tent and some great LED lights, you can grow over 100 plants if you fully maximize a Sea of Green crop.

When it comes to the best 4x8 grow tent review, the mighty Gorilla is the sole contender for the crown.

We have covered many top quality brand in this collection of articles and Gorilla and one consistent motif.

Where other manufacturers offer a limited selection, Gorilla make tents for all growers and in the 4x8 market they stand uncontested.

We’ll look now at what has become the accepted high standard of Gorilla with their 4x8 good for 100 plants. Home growers and professionals alike will be at home with a set-up like this.

4x8 Grow Tent Review

When it comes to Grow Tents, Gorilla are dominant players in the market.

With this brand, you get an extraordinarily high finish to grow tents meaning you can focus on your growing knowing that your equipment is not going to let you down.

The dense fabric draped over standard steel, powder-coated poles gives you a solid structure.

With this 4x8, if you really maxed out your grow with some great lights, you could yield 100 plants. Make sure you really need a tent this size before proceeding with one capable of giving you a substantial crop.

Watching over your plants is made easy for you. With the EZ View windows, you don’t need to keep disturbing the growing environment by entering and exiting the tent unnecessarily. This also saves stress on the zippers which can be a weak point on any grow tent.

With the diamond Mylar lining, light is reflected optimally. This will help you to get the most out of your crop.

When you are growing, you’ll need various tools and accessories to hand. There’s a nifty pouch thrown in so you can keep things organized.

The LITE LINE allows people to access the quality of Gorilla without spending quite as much as for main line tents. One of the drawbacks, though, is the need to buy extension poles separately

Gorilla tents can be adjusted and made higher. With LITE LINE tents, though, you need to purchase this extension kit separately. It’s not particularly cheap either so if you plan to extend your tent, take this into account when budgeting.

The diamond reflective walls help you to get the very most out of your grow.

The duct ports cinch on both sides to stave off any intrusion of light.

Micro-mesh fabric and vents keep pests at bay.

A waterproof spill pool means you can grow in confidence...

Although the 4x8 from Gorilla is not the cheapest option, the overall value for money is superb.

If you’re looking for the best 4x8 grow tent, look no further than Gorilla LTGGT48. You can get all of the features of a main line Gorilla tent while not needing to spend a fortune.


  • 210D canvas solid and minimizes light leakage
  • EZ View windows to keep an eye on your plants with ease
  • Flood protection pool for safety
  • Diamond-patterned Mylar lining extremely reflective
  • Very easy to set up
  • Tool pouch for thermometer or other accessories
  • Height adjustable great for tall plants


  • As always, be aware that Gorilla do not package subtly. Take account for this when arranging delivery
  • Height adjustable great for tall plants but with LITE LINE you need to buy extension poles separately


If you’d want to know more about the specifics of 4x8 grow tents or you have any other queries linked to growing medical marijuana, or any aspect of gardening, just get in touch. We get back to you as soon as possible.

Nearing the end of this size-by-size grow tent series, next week we’ll look at the best 5x5.

Happy growing!


Best 4×4 Grow Tent Reviews

If you are in the market for a grow tent catering for all your medical marijuana needs, you’re in the right place.

In this grow tent series, we walk you through everything you need to know so you can get the best equipment for the job. We first explored setting up your grow tent or grow room and then investigated the very best grow tents on the market today.

We started out with some very tiny 2x2 tents and are moving all the way up to some 10x10 monsters!

Today, we’re something like halfway and will take a look at a trio of 4x4 grow tent reviews giving you a choice of 3 of the best 4x4 tents available.

Using a 4x4 grow tent and some great LED lights, you can grow as many as 64 plants with the most efficient use of space possible and a Sea of Green method.

So, if you’re all set to start growing weed, we’ll take a look now at the 3 best 4x4 grow tent reviews.

4x4 Grow Tent Reviews

First up in our look at the best 4x4 grow tents is a superb and budget-friendly option from the highly respected VIVOSUN.

You’ll be able to grow more than 60 plants if you invest in this awesome 4x4 tent without needing too much space to do so.

Putting this tent up is a breeze. You can assemble it in no time without any tools so you’ll be good to grow the day it arrives.

The 600D fabric is rip-proof and double-stitched to stop the chance of light leaking as much as possible. This is draped over a heavy-duty metal frame meaning you can relax and focus on your grow without worrying about your equipment letting you down.

Inside, Mylar lining reflects the vast majority of light for efficient growing.

If you want to begin growing marijuana and you need a decent crop, this VIVOSUN tent is a superb option at an incredibly keen price.


  • Rugged and dense fabric: 600D
  • Very affordable
  • ​Mylar lining reflects 95% of light
  • ​Very easy to put together
  • ​Great zippers reduce any chance of light leakage
  • ​Strong metal frame built to last
  • Observation window: watch your plants without disturbing the growing environment


  • Be careful of light leakage on corners

Next up on our list of the 3 best 4x4 grow tents is a smart, affordable option from Apollo Horticulture.

With a dense fabric and solid zippers, you can keep your plants safe and growing under perfect conditions fuss-free.

These 4x4 grow tents will let you grow as many as 64 plants but this is a maximum number rather than the expected amount. Still, you’ll certainly be able to enjoy a plentiful harvest year round.

As with most of the best grow tents, the lining is made from highly reflective Mylar. The same material is also used on the removable floor.

If you are looking for a no-nonsense grow tent without breaking the bank, you can rely on Apollo Horticulture. Pop this on your shortlist!

With discreet packaging and a decent warranty, you can buy with complete confidence.


  • Very dense material stops light leaking
  • Grow up to 64 plants under optimum conditions
  • Mylar lining for superb reflectivity
  • Great value for money
  • Zippers built to last
  • Removable Mylar floor
  • 90-day limited warranty
  • Very discreet packaging


  • Stitching can be suspect

The Gorilla Grow Tent main line offers the discerning grower perhaps the best grow tents in a crowded market.

The LITE LINE allows you to buy into the brand heritage of Gorilla without going over your budget.

Whether you are just starting out or an experienced grower, this 4x4 tent will not disappoint.

If you make efficient use of the space you have and use a Sea of Green approach, you should get something in the region of 64 plants.

From a rigid steel frame through to the ultra-dense 1680D fabric, you can feel the quality and provide yourself with the perfect microenvironment for growing a bumper crop of weed.

The fantastic thing about the LITE LINE is that you can get all of this and more while not needing to spend a fortune. If you get a Gorilla, you really cannot go far wrong.


  • 1680D canvas is dense and highly durable
  • Lightproof seams for secure growing environment
  • Walk in to monitor plants or use the 2 viewing windows
  • Highly reflective Mylar lining
  • Zippers will not let you down
  • Use with soil or hydroponics: totally versatile
  • Excellent value for money


  • Awkward to assemble alone but that’s more due to the size than anything specific about this tent
  • Watch for the packaging which can be rather blatant


If you’d like to find out more about 4x4 grow tents or anything linked to growing medical marijuana, please get in touch. We will get back to you as promptly as possible.

In this grow tent series, we’ll continue stepping things up in size.

We will move on next to some of the best 4 x 6 and 4 x 8 tents before moving on to some really huge models perfect for professional growers.

Happy growing!

Best 3×3 Grow Tent Reviews

We are continuing our best grow tent series with a look today at some of the most effective 3x3 tents on the market.

For anyone who wants a grow tent for medical marijuana, we are here to clear up a lot of the confusion about the different sizes on offer.

A large tent is no more difficult to get up and running than a smaller one. Sure, it might be slightly more fiddly to erect but, once it’s installed, the logistics are the same regardless of size.

The main difference is in the number of plants you can expect to crop.

With a 3x3 grow tent and some LED lights, you can grow up to 50 plants using a Sea of Green growing approach.

Sea of Green is a method of growing we have looked at already in a previous article. It takes full advantage of all available space. 50 plants should be considered a maximum under optimum conditions so don’t bank on this as a guaranteed harvest.

In today’s look at 3x3 tents, we have stepped back from some of the usual suspects and present a trio of tents that deliver great quality but come in very cheaply indeed.


It’s time to move on to the best 3x3 grow tent reviews.

3x3 Grow Tent Reviews

Alongside Gorilla and Secret Jardin, Apollo Horticulture has long been one of the industry leaders when it comes to the best grow tents.

Grow up to 50 plants in a tight space with this outstanding 3x3 tent.

The density of the fabric on a grow tent is crucial. This material is thick, tear-proof and double-stitched to prevent any unwanted light from intruding inside and interfering with your grow.

The floor tray, like the lining of the tent, is made from highly reflective Mylar. You can remove this tray to minimize the chance of any accidents mixing water and electric.

Although Apollo Horticulture is a first-rate manufacturer, the price of this tent is surprisingly competitive.

You can buy safe in the knowledge that you’re covered with a 90-day warranty so if you experience any teething problems you can get them taken care of fuss-free.


  • Tear-proof, dense tent fabric
  • Highly respectable brand so buy with confidence
  • Mylar lining highly reflective
  • Grow up to 50 plants in a limited space
  • Double-stitched zippers to lessen any light leakage
  • Steel frame is highly durable
  • Handy observation window so you can monitor plants with ease
  • Removable Mylar floor tray for total convenience
  • 90-day warranty


  • Be vigilant for any light leaking from seams

Another excellent choice next with a nicely designed 3x3 tent from LA Garden.

The Oxford fabric on this tent is not as heavy as that used by some competitors but will still provide you with a secure and light-tight growing environment.

The lining is Mylar with a deliberate diamond pattern which really maxes out the reflectivity.

You can check out your plants on a regular basis without constantly opening the tent. The viewing window is a very handy addition.

Thinking of additions, you’ll also get 4 nylon straps so that you can hang up all the equipment you need like lights and fans. Removable water trays are also included.

Accommodating these fans and filters is made super-simple with several nifty vents.

If you are looking for a cheap, entry-level tent which will allow you to grow 50 plants in confidence, think hard about this superb 3x3 grow tent from LA Garden.


  • Extremely cheap with no dip in quality
  • Long-lasting 210D Oxford fabric
  • Reflective Mylar lined with diamond shape for maximum reflectivity
  • 4 nylon belts for hanging equipment thrown in
  • Zippers will not let you down in a hurry
  • Waterproof trays removable
  • Multiple venting for great circulation
  • Large window so check out your plants with ease


  • Check for light tightness all the way around the tent

We will round out this look at the most effective 3x3 grow tent reviews with a great budget tent from Milliard.

The Oxford fabric over steel frame is a classic grow tent combo and the Milliard is a great, solid example.

Coming in at 6 feet high with floor dimensions of 3x3 square foot, you can bring on about 50 plants if you so wish without needing too much spare room.

If you have experienced problems working in a tent with the door continuously opening and closing, Milliard help out with a nifty little hook to prevent the door from shutting as you tend your plants.

Some users report issues with pricks of light in various weak spots but the majority describe a very tight construction which will keep your crop sealed safely away and flourishing.

With all your venting and ducting needs provided, this great 3x3 grow tent is a nice way to test out indoor growing without needing to spend a fortune.


  • Perfect for growing in tight spaces
  • Large viewing window: keep an eye on your plants
  • Handy hook keeps door open while you work
  • Dense Oxford tent
  • Strong steel frame for excellent support
  • Waterproof and airtight for sealed growing environment
  • Great venting and ducting so all bases covered
  • Removable floor pan for safety and convenience


  • Some users report problems with light leaking
  • Check that zippers do not cause leakage


For more information on 3x3 grow tents or anything related to growing medical marijuana, please get in touch. We always try to respond in a timely fashion.

In this grow tent series, we’ll continue stepping things up in size.

Come back for the forthcoming 4x4 grow tent review. We hope you’ve spotted something of interest in this 3x3 grow tent review.

Now get growing!


Best 2×4 Grow Tent Reviews

If you are looking to use a grow tent for your medical marijuana, deciding what size tent to use can be a knotty issue.

Think about how much space you have in a room suitable for a grow tent.

Ask yourself how many plants you want or really need…

If you use a limited amount, it’s senseless to stuff your room with an 8 x 8 grow tent capable of growing 256 plants. What will you do with pound about pound of marijuana?

With a 2x4 grow tent and some LED lights, you can grow up to 32 plants.

This assumes a Sea of Green grow. We looked at this space-efficient method of growing in our article on the best 2x2 grow tents.

If you are restricted by space and want to make the most of your grow, it might be worth thinking about auto-flowering dwarf strains of marijuana.

The feminized Royal Dwarf is a great example of this variant.

A compact Skunk hybrid, this plant only grows between 40 and 70cm in height.

It’s an unusual mix at 60% Sativa, 10% Indica and 30% Ruderalis. You can enjoy a plant with 12% THC grown in the comfort of your own home.

We’ll look some more at different ways to optimize your grow as this series continues.

So, if you’re all set to start growing weed, we’ll take a look now at the 3 best 2x4 grow tent reviews.

2x4 Grow Tent Reviews

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced 2x4 grow tent which is built to last and used by many growers, check out VIVOSUN’s excellent piece of kit.

The dense 600D fabric stretched over a solid stainless steel frame means you can grow with confidence.

Mylar lining inside the tent is perfect for reflective duties.

You can minimize the time you spend going in and out of the tent by making use of the observation window.

Grow up to 32 plants in this great 2x4 tent.

For anyone who wants to get going growing marijuana, this VIVOSUN tent is an outstanding starting point.


  • Heavy-duty fabric: 600D
  • ​Great value for money
  • ​Mylar lining reflects 95% of light
  • ​Space-saving design
  • ​Excellent zippers to minimize light leakage
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Observation window to monitor plants with ease


  • Watch for any light leakage on corners

With this great 2x4 Mylar-lined tent from Hydroplanet, you can make the most of a great crop of up to 32 plants year-round.

The frame is heavy-duty. You’ll be able to hang all the equipment you need on the bars without worrying about it collapsing in on your grow.

For a tent of this quality, the Hydroplanet represents exceptional value for money. It’s much cheaper than many competitors without taking a hit on quality.

You can buy in confidence with the manufacturer offering a 2-year limited warranty. This is an indication of the faith they put in this tent to give you plenty of stress-free service.

Zippers are a constant flashpoint on grow tents. You should get no snags or light leakage with these top-notch zips.

Washing this tent, inside or out, couldn’t be easier.

For a great deal of grow tent without breaking the bank, take a good look at this example of one of the best 2x4 grow tents from Hydroplanet.


  • Solid, durable tubes for hanging heavy lights and fans
  • ​Dense fabric built to last
  • ​Reflective Mylar lining for optimum yield
  • ​Very inexpensive
  • ​Zippers nice and strong
  • ​Washable inside and out
  • 2-year limited warranty


  • Not height adjustable

Gorilla are a legend in the grow tent industry.

If you want a great 2x4 suitable for respectable yields with limited space, take a close look at this great example from Gorilla’s Shorty line.

Different growers have different needs. If you want to bring on plants from cuttings or initiate vegetative growth early, then the Shorty could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Many manufacturers offer diffusion lines of their main range with disappointing results. With Gorilla, it’s different. Whether it’s the entry-level LITE LINE, this Shorty offshoot or the wide range of accessories they offer, quality and attention to detail are always uppermost.

The dense 1680D fabric is the same as that used on tents in the GGT main line. The steel frame is the perfect support to drape it over.

Gorilla might not be the cheapest but they are certainly always one of the best grow tents you can buy. Think about your expenses as an investment. The yield of the best medical marijuana on an ongoing basis is something worth paying out for.


  • ​Ideal for confined spaces
  • ​Easy to adjust height
  • ​Great build quality
  • ​Dense 1680D tent to usual Gorilla standards
  • ​Flood tray can be removed easily
  • ​Viewing windows great for keeping an eye on your plants


  • Growing area feels rather tight


If you want any more information on 2x4 grow tents or anything related to growing medical marijuana, please get in touch. We will get back to you as promptly as possible.

In this grow tent series, we’ll continue stepping things up in size.

Come back for the forthcoming 3x3 grow tent review. We hope that you’ve found these 2x4 grow tent reviews useful!

Happy growing!

Best 2×2 Grow Tent Reviews

When you are looking for the best grow tent, the range of sizes available can send your head spinning.

You can buy tiny tents good for a couple of stealthy plants or commercial grow set-ups that will fill a room.

As with any purchase, analyzing your specific needs is key to getting the best equipment for the job.

A 2x2 tent will be large enough to grow up to 16 plants using a Sea of Green method. You’ll get slightly less using a Screen of Green.

We’ll have a look at these two different approaches to growing weed then look at the 3 best 2x2 grow tent reviews.

What Is Sea of Green?

With SOG or Sea of Green, you force young and small plants into the flowering stage.

This happens after only about 2 weeks of vegetative growth.

This system originated in the Netherlands and its core purpose is to make efficient use of space. If you have limited room or, at the other end of the scale, have a larger operation requiring a continuous supply, Sea of Green is the perfect solution.

What Is Screen of Green?

Unlike the canopy method of Sea of Green, with Screen of Green plants are trained using a horizontal screen. This goes above the plants and encourages the buds to form on the branch stems.

Screen of Green is ideal for small and stealthy grows. It works particularly well with LED lights.

We will look now at 3 of the best 2x2 grow tents on the market.

In this grow tent series, we’ll try to cater for all tastes and budgets.

Since we have dedicated separate articles to Gorilla Grow Tents and Secret Jardin Grow Tents, we will mainly try to cover tents from different manufacturers during this size-by-size guide to the best grow tents.

There really is a tent for every type of grow!

2x2 Grow Tent Reviews

First up is a 2x2 from Yaheetech which is fantastic value for money.

If you are just starting out growing marijuana and don’t want to risk spending too much on a set-up, this tent would make a great starting point.

Although it’s not the densest of fabrics, at 600D it’s thick enough to give you a nice controlled micro-environment for your plants.

The zippers are nice and secure with reinforcement to prevent light leakage from affecting your yield.

With a removable floor tray, tough straps for your grow lights and fans, this tent should be on your shortlist if you’re looking for a great value 2x2.


  • Decent, durable fabric: 600D PVC and Oxford
  • Really cheap
  • Ducting holes and mesh vents
  • Space-saving design
  • Reinforced zippers to minimize light leakage
  • Removable floor tray
  • Straps for attaching lights and fan nice and sturdy


  • No warranty offered
  • Tent fabric could be thicker

Another inexpensive 2x2 next, an eye-catching tent from Quictent.

For an entry-level piece of kit, the Quictent has a great build quality. The frame gives you a solid structure for the 600D canvas.

This tent comes very well respected in terms of safety. It’s certified and built to an EN71-3 rating. This shows that no materials react badly with chemicals so you can focus on your crop stress-free.

The Mylar lining reflects pretty much all light maximizing your yield.

Zippers are the usual weak points on grow tents but the anti-burst metal zippers on the Quictent won’t let you down.

Due to its limited height, you might be best sticking to dwarf strains.

For a compact tent capable of growing up to 16 plants, think seriously about this black and green beauty.


  • Solid frame with sturdy poles
  • 600D durable fabric
  • Highly reflective Mylar lining
  • Extremely cheap
  • Zippers will not let you down
  • SGS Tested and Certified so grow with confidence
  • EN71-3 Eco Rating
  • 2-year limited warranty


  • At 48 inches high, this tent is best with dwarf strains

It would be tough to include a list of the best 2x2 grow tents and not mention the slightly off-sized 2x2.5 from the mighty Gorilla.

Gorilla’s tents are not cheap but they offer a LITE LINE for anyone on a budget. You can enjoy the confidence of buying into the Gorilla brand without the eye-watering price tag.

The LITE LINE tents are similar in most respects. The notable exception is that the poles used to extend the height of your tent must be purchased separately. They are not bundled in free of charge like with the main line tents.

You should be able to grow anywhere from 10-16 plants if you max out the space in this compact grow tent.

The fabric of the tent comes in at 210D which is not particularly dense but it’s certainly fit for purpose. Lined with highly reflective Mylar, you can really get the most out of your crop.

The viewing windows mean you can keep an eye on things without needing to constantly go in and out of the tent. Not only does this interfere with the controlled growing environment, you also risk weakening the zippers on your tent through overuse.

If you want to take the sting out of growing indoors, think seriously about the LTGGT22.


  • Sturdy fabric 210D
  • Brand heritage at a great price
  • Zippers built to last
  • Viewing windows make monitoring your plants a breeze
  • Pest control through Pre-Filters
  • Solid steel frame


  • Height extension of 1 foot not included
  • Less substantial than original GGT


If you require any further information on 2x2 grow tents or ay other aspect of growing medical marijuana, please get in touch. We will get back to you as promptly as possible.

This series on different sizes of grow tents will continue over the coming weeks. We will go up in size to the impressive 10x10 grow tents so keep returning for more.

Happy growing!

Best Secret Jardin Grow Tent Reviews

When it comes to grow tents and accessories, Secret Jardin are a force to be reckoned with. Along with Gorilla, they are true market-leaders in this field.

We will take a look today at some Secret Jardin grow tent reviews focusing on just three of their many tents. We’ll glance at two designed for professional growers and one that’s perfect for beginners.

Back in 2006, Secret Jardin was the first manufacturer to harness the incredible reflective powers of hammered Mylar. Others companies followed suit and Mylar rapidly became industry standard for its incredible reflectivity.

In addition to lighting and all the accessories you might need if you want to grow medical marijuana, Secret Jardin offer grow tents for every possible need.

The range is divided into four main categories:

  • Expert: Intense
  • Professional: Dark Room, Orca Room
  • Hobby: Dark Street, Vintage, Twin, Lodge, Cristal
  • Propagation: Dark Propagator

Today we will look at reviews of two tents from the Professional line – both Dark Room variants – and a Lodge tent from the Hobby stable. Anyone looking for the best Secret Jardin grow tents is in the right place!

If you are a very experienced grower interested in the Expert range or you want something specifically for propagation, check out the Secret Jardin site to investigate these options.

It’s tough to review three very similar products without repeating information so we attempt here to highlight the key features of each variant without referring to what they all have in common.

Now for the reviews…

Secret Jardin Grow Tent Reviews


An ultra-compact 3 x 3 tent is our first selection, the incredibly popular DR90.

This rugged tent is perfect for experienced growers who have limited space but still want a decent crop of medical marijuana.

You’ll be able to assemble this tent very easily straight out the box. No tools are needed but it’s best to erect it with the help of a friend as it can be fiddly trying to do this solo.

The air vents are adjustable and come with nifty bug netting. The water tray is removable reducing the chance of any spillage near your electrics.

The seams are taped and the zippers have been improved so you can keep any light from leaking.

Handy Dual-Sock ports allow you to hang up all the growing equipment you need with ease.

If you are on the hunt for a small and stealthy grow tent on a budget, have a good look at the DR90 from Secret Jardin.


  • Dense, long-lasting 210D tent
  • Plenty of ports available for your convenience
  • Mylar for maximum reflectivity
  • Reflective Mylar for 100% reflection
  • Viewing windows makes monitoring your plants a breeze
  • Improved zippers for less light leakage


  • Slightly small so make sure this fits your requirements before buying it

Our next grow tent is also from the Professional Dark Room line, this time the slightly bigger DR120.

This comes in at 4 x 4 foot so it’s still great for confined spaces but will offer a better yield so it’s a true win-win.

Now in its third iteration, the DR120 is continually being tweaked and improved. Secret Jardin listen to feedback and then make changes whenever things can be enhanced. The zippers are a prime example of this. They were long flagged as a weak point for light leakage and have been upgraded.

The roof support system can bear loads of up to 30kg so this tent is more than capable of handling all your lighting and fans without giving you cause for concern.

Whether you want to grow using soil or hydroponics, the DR120 is the versatile answer to your growing needs.

If your budget will stretch to it, this tent should be on everyone’s shortlist.


  • Highly durable tear-proof fabric
  • ​Mylar lining for complete reflectivity
  • ​Collapses quickly for simple storage
  • ​Easy to put together with no tools required
  • ​Top and bottom vents are highly effective
  • ​Useful accessory set


  • A little more expensive but great value for money

We will round out our Secret Jardin grow tent reviews with a model pitched at beginners and hobbyists, the L90 from the Lodge series.

At 3 x 2 square feet, the L90 is the smallest of the four Lodge tents. It’s still large enough, though, to bring on a respectable crop of plants in a very tight space.

One of the real advantages of this tent is being able to enjoy two separate growing areas within the same tent. With the dividing wall in place, you can have one zone for bloom and the other for growth. There is also another chamber for propagating. Remove the barrier and you can have one larger grow space.

This tent works best with LED lights.

If you want a great quality grow tent which can be used in a number of different configurations, think seriously about the L90. It will not disappoint.


  • Two growing areas in one tent
  • 3 x 2 size perfect for smaller grow-ops
  • ​Long-lasting frame and zippers
  • ​3 removable water trays makes life easy
  • Brand you can trust
  • Check out your plants without needing to enter the tent


  • Quite expensive but sound overall value


If you require any further information on the Secret Jardin grow tents or anything related to growing and gardening, just get in touch. We always reply as promptly as possible and welcome any feedback.

Come back soon as we have more to come in this series on growing indoors.

Happy growing!

Best Indoor Grow Tent Setup Made Easy

For the hobbyist grower who wants a few ounces a month, getting the best grow tent is a superb way to keep things simple.

One of these stealth tents will not make the nut for a large, commercial grow-op but if you want to ensure that you have a supply of medical marijuana on tap, investing in a tent is a great and almost failsafe way to grow at home.

Why Use A Grow Tent?

Why use a grow tent

Keep It Subtle

If you grow indoors, the last thing you want is a room overflowing with reeking plants.

Grow tents look very much like a closet or cabinet upon first glance. It’s certainly a lot more subtle to contain your grow within a tent than to have plants growing unfettered in your living space.

Tents Are Cheap

You really don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the best grow tent. If you wanted to replicate the reflective, airtight, lightproof and waterproof conditions of a tent in a separate space, you’d probably spend more cash for lesser results.

Easy To Set Up

Even if you are not too practical, setting up a grow tent is extremely simple. It’s no more hassle than assembling flat pack furniture.

You could have everything up and running over the course of the afternoon. You can then concentrate fully on your grow confident that you have the best equipment in place for optimum yields with minimum fuss.

Grow Tent Setup For Beginners

Things You Will Need

How To Set Up Your Grow Tent

1) Preparation

Once you have your grow room design in place, it’s time to set aside a dull afternoon and clear the space you have in mind ready for action.

Make sure that your growing environment is spotless and then you can erect your grow tent.

Do this where you want to grow… There’s nothing worse than assembling a tent only to find that it won’t fit through the door!

Grow tents are not too challenging to set up so get it done and then you can move on with your setup.

2) Hanging Your Grow Lights

The tough part with grow lights is choosing the right one…

Should you go for an LED light? Perhaps a High Intensity Discharge light would be better?

If you are time-poor, check out this brief but useful breakdown of the best lights for growing marijuana.

Anyway, hanging your lights is the easy part!

The best method is to use rope ratchets. These are strong, cheap and incredibly easy to adjust. You can move them up or down with ease and you won’t need to worry about dropping your light onto your plants.

3) Hanging Your Extractor/Exhaust Fan

Different growers have different preferences for exhaust systems.

If you pop your extractor fan inside the tent, this will serve to mute the sound of the running fan so you experience less noise in your grow room. It will also maximize airflow and circulation.

Use rope ratchets or some nylon rope to hang up the exhaust fan from the top bars inside your tent.

Check also that there is a way for air to get into your grow tent. Most have vents you can remove for this purpose. It’s best not to take the covers completely off as you risk light leaking in.

4) Hook Up Carbon Filter

With a sensitive crop like marijuana, the last thing you need is for the smell of your grow to seep out and come to the attention of any outsiders.

Carbon filters mean you can grow in confidence with the smell being neutralized perfectly.

This filter can be positioned at the back of the tent so it can do its job without getting in the way.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you want any air that’s leaving the tent to pass through the carbon filter before it does so.

A sealed tent has negative air pressure and the odor will be contained inside. The problem can arise when you open the doors to the tent…

A handy hint is to set up an additional carbon filter outside the tent in the grow room proper. Run this along with some Ona gel when you are moving in and out of your tent.

Don’t skimp on a decent exhaust system. It’s well worth the time and trouble to get this right.

5) Checks: Safety, Stealth, Sound

A few final checks and you will be ready to start sowing your seeds…

  • Safety: Check that everything inside the tent is fully secured. Ensure that all electrics are off the floor in case any water spills. Make certain there are no trailing cords likely to trip you up
  • Stealth: Once everything is set up nicely, turn on your grow light and exhaust fan for an entire day to check that everything is working well. The sides of your tent should bow slightly to indicate that negative air pressure is in place. The carbon filter should be firmly attached to the exhaust fan. Take a walk around outside your house while things are running and see if any suspicious buzzing or other sounds are audible
  • Sound: Hanging fans will always make less noise than if you place them on top of something else. Clean the fans regularly to reduce the sound they make. Muffle any air and water pumps by placing them on some pieces of wood rather than positioning them on the floor


Now you are ready to get started growing!

If you go here, there’s plenty of information on buying the best medical marijuana seeds along with plenty of other helpful hints about getting the right grow lights. There are many superb forums that can help with any queries you might face along the way.

Please drop us a line if you have any questions or feedback.

And come back soon for more in our series on growing indoors!