Grow Room Design

If you want to grow medical marijuana indoors, your grow room design will be fundamental to your success.

Healthy and blossoming plants need all the help they can get to stay that way so today we will look at some things to think about when you are setting up your grow-op.

Rushing in blindly, buying equipment without proper research and general impatience will all combine to trip you up.

Take your time. Become as familiar as you can with all aspects of growing.

Today, we’ll look at some things to take into consideration with your grow room design.

Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail: Preparation 101

First thing’s first, you’ll want to think about where to situate your grow space. There are several obvious options:

  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Grow tent
  • Cabinet
  • Closet

Think about which one of these will work best for you. Everyone has different requirements. The only important thing is to find a configuration that suits you.

It helps at this stage to keep things simple and to consider the basic needs of your plants: light and water. As long as your grow room is located close enough to a supply of water and electricity, you’ll be good to go.

Sketch Out Your Grow Room Design

It’s a smart idea to start out with a simple sketch showing the way you want your grow space laid out.

From here, you can produce a scale drawing highlighting exhaust vents and light fans along with where you plan to put your plants. Think about electricity. Make note of the water supply. Choose the entrance/exit.

With proper planning, you can really get the most out of your grow space with intelligent design. Don’t just wing it!

The Flooring

A hard floor which is easy to wipe down is a must.

Carpet and any similar fabric does not work well in a growing environment so get rid of any if necessary.

If you are using soil, pop your plant containers into trays. This will lessen the likelihood of any unwanted spillage when you are watering.


Pests and disease are always a risk with plants around. The last thing you want is any damage to your precious crop so a scrupulously clean growing space is crucial.

Removing any carpet, as outlined above, will reduce the chance of dust, mites or mold causing an issue.

Scrub and vacuum thoroughly before you kick off so you start with a perfectly clean canvas.

Now you have the bare bones of your grow room design in place, it’s time to focus on some other critical factors…


Your plants will need plenty of CO2 for sustained healthy growth and a steady atmosphere in which to flourish. A bountiful supply of fresh air circulating around your grow space should be high on your agenda.

The time to determine how much air your plants will need is before you start constructing your grow room.

Also, if you are growing medical marijuana, odor needs to be contained. The last thing you want is the stench of weed seeping menacing your neighbors…

Make sure you have a good exhaust fan placed near the top of the room. Carbon filters work best with these fans.

If the smell is still noticeable, try some ONA gel. This is a great liquid gel that can help to neutralize untoward smells.

Reflective Surfaces

When it comes to the size and yield of your crop, maxing out your lighting is a leading factor. This is accomplished by harnessing reflective surfaces.

  • Mylar: Mylar is among the most reflective materials available and is the connoisseur’s choice for grow rooms and grow tents. Opt for the aluminized form. Mylar reflects up to 97% of all light. Although it’s pricey, think of this as an investment rather than an annoying expense
  • Emergency Blankets: Reflecting 70% of light, emergency blankets are cheap, easily obtainable from camping shops and a decent alternative to Mylar. These blankets work well in smaller grow spaces. Hang them very flat to the wall for the sake of efficiency and safety
  • Matt White Paint: This simple option will reflect up to 85% of light making it another decent choice for your grow room. Cheap, easy to clean and highly effective, sometimes the simple solutions pay dividends

Humidity and Temperature

When you are planning your grow room design, temperature and humidity both need to be factored into the equation.

Poorly monitored temperature and humidity levels can lead to stressed plants. Stressed plants can become hermaphrodites and impact upon your yields.

Think about where you will put your digital thermometer. Another handy purchase is a hygrometer to help you monitor the moisture in the air and regulate humidity levels accordingly.

Growing marijuana is highly dependent on both temperature and humidity so ensure that you get this right and maximize your chances of a bumper crop.

Light Leakage

When your plants are entering their dark period, they really do not complete and utter darkness.

Planning your grow room design is the stage at which you should ponder how to eliminate as much light leakage as possible.

Once you have your grow room in place, try standing inside it with all grow lights out. You can see any light from the main room leaking in and tackle it accordingly.

It’s important to remember that for every 1% of light that seeps away, you will lose 1% of your potential yield. What seems like a trifling figure can soon scale up and give you rather less than you bargained for at harvest time.


Time planning your grow room design is time very well spent. Growing marijuana can be a tricky enough task anyway so there’s no need to make it harder on yourself.

Our next article will look at how to set up your grow room so that you can start enjoying the best medical marijuana without needing to rely on an outside supply.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries or feedback. We are always delighted to hear from you.

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