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Best Chainsaw Chain Reviews

Finding the right chainsaw for you can be difficult; there are so many factors to consider, and there isn’t one choice that is right for everyone. But even once you own your ideal chainsaw, there is still more work to do: you need to find the best chainsaw chain as well.

Yes, your chainsaw will come with one, but eventually, that chain will wear out and it will need to be replaced. When the time comes, you want to make sure that you purchase one that is effective, safe, and right for your chainsaw. To help you navigate this purchase, check out our buying guide below.

Applications of Chainsaws and Their Chains

Chainsaw chain

You might be wondering how likely it is that you will ever need to replace your chainsaw chain—or even buy a chainsaw in the first place. For most people, cutting up wood is not a part of their daily activities. But many of us will need a quality chainsaw—and quality chainsaw chain—from time to time. What are some common applications?

First, there are those who use chainsaws professionally. They work in construction, landscaping, or the like and need to cut wood for a variety of reasons. Then there are those with trees in their yards or expansive wooded property; a chainsaw can be used to trim back trees and eliminate the dangers poses by falling branches. And if you have a wood burning fireplace, you will likely have a need to cut wood, either by cutting down trees to obtain it or by reducing the size of logs you purchase so they are manageable. Other reasons to keep a chainsaw handy are for DIY construction and furniture projects, cutting other objects to size, such as hay bales, and even ice cutting and carving.

When to Replace a Chainsaw Chain

Sometimes the chain your chainsaw comes with just isn’t the best chainsaw chain. In this case, you might want to replace it immediately. But in most cases, it will take some time for the chain to wear down to the point that you want to replace it. If you notice that the chainsaw is not cutting as well as it used to, or as well as you would like, this indicates that the chain is no longer functioning optimally. Another indication of a problem is that it seems to bend when used.

Now, you do not need to immediately replace a chain that is showing signs of a problem. The first step is to sharpen it; you can do this yourself or head to a service center for them to do this for you. Once your chain reaches the point that it displays problems even after sharpening, it is time to replace it. Also, if teeth come off, it is best to go ahead and replace the chain. Finally, should you see any signs that the chain might be ready to snap, stop using it immediately and replace the chain.

The Importance of Using the Best Chainsaw Chain

The chainsaw chain is the mechanism that actually cuts the wood. It is composed of a series of teeth, and these teeth move at a high rate of speed, biting into the wood and pulling on it, effectively cutting it. While a quality chainsaw chain is more effective at cutting and can manage to complete a job faster, this is not the main reason you should seek out the best chainsaw chain for your tool. Instead, safety is the reason you shouldn’t settle for less than the best.

When a chainsaw chain fails to operate correctly, it poses many safety issues. It can break, causing it to fly off the tool and injure you or another. It can slip off the bar and cut you as you work. It can even bite too deep into the wood, getting stuck and then causing kickback that can injure you, or even cause the wood you are cutting to became dangerous debris. As such, it is vital that you seek out the best chain, not just the best deal.

Top 5 Chainsaw Chains Comparison Table

While we have selected the following five chainsaw chains as the best, you should not strictly purchase from our list; it is much more important that you purchase the chain that best fits your chainsaw. Make certain you know exactly what your chainsaw needs before you buy. If you do not see an option here that is safe for your chainsaw, look for an option from the same manufacturers to ensure both safety and quality.

Product Name





Our Rating

Husqvarna 531300439

Husqvarna 531300439 18-Inch H30-72 (95VP) Pixel Saw Chain, .325-Inch by .050-Inch

.050 Inch Gauge

.325 Inch Pitch

18 Inch Length

Editor Choice

Husqvarna 531300441

Husqvarna 531300441 20-Inch H80-72 (72V) Saw Chain, 3/8-Inch by .050-Inch

.050 Inch Gauge

3/8ths Inch Pitch

20 Inch Length


Oregon S62 18-Inch

Oregon S62 18-Inch Semi Chisel Chain Saw Chain Fits Craftsman, Homelite, Poulan

.050 Inch Gauge

3/8ths Inch Pitch

18 Inch Length


Oregon 14-Inch

Oregon 14-Inch Chain Saw Chain Fits Craftsman, Echo, Homelite, Poulan, S52

.050 Inch Gauge

3/8ths Inch Pitch

14 Inch Length


Oregon S56 16-Inch

Oregon S56 16-Inch Semi Chisel Chain Saw Chain Fits Craftsman, Echo, Homelite, Poulan, Remington

.050 Inch Gauge

3/8ths Inch Pitch

16 Inch Length


How to Choose the Best Chainsaw Chain

The key to purchasing the best chainsaw chain for your chainsaw is knowing what your chainsaw needs. While it is possible to determine this on your own using various measurements, there is too much room for error, and when it comes to your safety, that is unacceptable. Your best course of action is to consult the user manual for your chainsaw. If you no longer have this, find the serial number for your chainsaw and call the manufacturer to get the specifics.

You might be wondering how a chain could be this complicated. Well, saw chains have many parts. Below are explanations of these parts and the roles they play.

Choose the Best Chainsaw Chain

Depth Gauges

This part of the chain determines how deep the teeth will cut. Shallow cuts mean that the job will take longer; deep cuts run the risk of getting stuck, resulting in kickback and possible debris. The depth gauge you choose is a matter of personal preference.

Tooth Material

The teeth are what bites into the wood, pulling on it and cutting it. The stronger the material of the teeth, the better the chain. Most chainsaw chain teeth are made from chromium-plated alloy. Nearly all chainsaw chains will alternate between left-facing and right-facing teeth, allowing the chain to cut on both sides.

Tooth Type

There are two primary types of chainsaw teeth: full-chisel teeth and semi-chisel teeth. Full-chisel teeth have sharply angled square corners. These teeth can be sharpened easily and are able to split wood rapidly. Semi-chisel teeth feature rounded corners. This means they do not cut as quickly, but the advantage of this type of teeth is that it takes a long time to dull, even when used on hardwood, dry wood, or frozen wood. Your choice regarding tooth type is a matter of personal preference.

Tooth Arrangement

This refers to the balance between the teeth and the drive links that connect the teeth to each other, completing the chain. Standard chains, which are also called full complement and full house chains, offer a one-to-one ratio of tooth to drive link, placing a link between each set of teeth. Full skip chains place two drive links between each set of teeth, and semi-skip chains alternate between the standard one-to-one ratio and the full skip one-to-two ratio. Standard chains thus offer the most teeth, which results in the most efficient results. As such, it is the best tooth arrangement for most applications. Your choice regarding tooth arrangement is a matter of personal preference.


We noted the depth gauges above, but this is different. This refers to the thickness of the drive links, which are usually within the range of .05 inches to .063 inches. It is vital that you match this to the gauge of the chainsaw guide bar; this must be an exact match.


The pitch refers to the average distance between any two rivets on the chain. However, this distance tends to vary. In order to calculate the pitch, measure the distance between three rivets, then divide that result by two. Common pitches are .325, .375, and .404. It is vital that this is an exact match.


The length of a chain is found by adding up the number of drive lengths. It is vital that it is the correct length, otherwise the chainsaw will be dangerous to operate.


When it comes to selecting the best chainsaw chain for your tool, the most important thing you can do is make sure that you are opting for the correct gauge, pitch, and length for your chainsaw. While we have compiled a list of the five we think are best, it is more important that you seek a chain that has the right options for your power tool. If you are uncertain about what your chainsaw needs, consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer.

Best HID Ballast Reviews


Growing plants indoors or in a grow tent requires the use of a grow light. The larger your garden is, or depending on the types of plants you want to grow, strong lights may be necessary for the right heat and light settings. HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps are gaining popularity without many growers, because of their long lasting and very bright lights. To use these, you’ll need to find the best HID ballast to hook up to your lamps.

Bes HID ballast reviews 2017

What Does a HID Ballast Do?

Although HID lighting has been around for centuries and is a very effective light source, it is not a particularly stable light compared to others. The problem that HID lights have is that they need a very high amount of power to turn on, but the power level needs to reduce sharply after the light has turned on.

Because of this design complexity, a HID ballast is needed to maintain the lights properly and keep them running at the right level of power for a long time. A HID ballast regulates the supply of power by giving off a high-power output to turn the bulb on, but instantly switching to the low power for regular running.

Benefits of Getting The HID Ballast

Here are the benefits of using a good HID ballast for your grow lights:

Power Regulation

Instead of suppling a constant stream of power, HID ballasts give off the right amount of power at the right moments to start the bulbs and keep them running. Since HID bulbs give off a brighter light than other types of bulbs, even though they use less power, this is a significant benefit for you.

More Control

Many ballasts come with dimming switches that allow you to choose how much light you want your plants to have at different times. This level of control gives you the ability to make changes when necessary for your plants’ life cycles.

Longer Bulb Life

Proper power regulation and surge protection helps ensure your bulbs last for as long as possible instead of burning out prematurely. Considering how much you spend on bulbs, this is useful.

Top 5 HID Ballast Reviews Comparison Table

Product Name





Digital or Not

Our Rating

ReVolt Digital Ballast for HPS/MH

ReVolt Digital Ballast for HPS/MH Bulbs, 400-watt

Worldwide, 100-268V

250, 400, 600, 1000



Apollo Horitculture APL400

Apollo Horticulture APL400 Hydroponic 400 - Watt HPS MH Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast for Grow Lights

120, 240

400, 600, 1000



iPower GLBLST400D

iPower GLBLST400D Digital Dimmable Ballast for Grow Light

120, 240

400, 600, 1000



Yield Lab Digital Dimming Ballast

Yield Lab 400w Digital Dimming Ballast

120, 220

400, 600, 1000



Osram Sylvania 49947

OSRAM SYLVANIA QTP4x32T8/UNV-ISN-SC (49947) 4 FLUORESCENT Ballasts-Fluorescent-HID

120, 277

32 watts



How to Choose the Right HID Ballast

What do you need to look for when you’re selecting the HID ballast? There are a few important things to look at, depending on what you want to use it for. I am discussing HID ballasts for grow lights, so these are some of the things you will want to look at:


Voltage refers to the type of power coming into the ballast. Some outlets and power sources put out a different voltage than others, so you can make sure with your ballast that you are getting the right type for your home and power source.

Not all ballasts will accept each voltage, so it’s important that you know what’s coming from your home before you make a purchase. In general, most ballasts accept at least 2 different levels, so find out which one you have and move on from there.


Whereas voltage refers to the power input, wattage refers to the output. This will determine what type of lamps you will be able to hook up. Your grow light bulbs come at a certain wattage level, and your HID ballast much be compatible with that wattage if you want it to work properly.

Keep in mind that if you’re using multiple lights in the same system you may have to use multiple ballasts to compensate for the extra power that’s needed. Some ballasts can connect to multiple lights, but many can only handle one light. Make sure you ballast has enough power and output to do what you want it to.


If you want the ability to change the amount of light coming from your bulbs, you will want a dimming ballast. All this does is regulate the amount of power going to your lights in a way that causes the brightness to change. Dimming is very useful for a lot of indoor growing gardens, because it allows you to adjust the lights based on different growing phases of the plants and different times of day.

Pairing the dimming feature with a good garden hose and complete grow tent is one way to make sure you get the optimal control over your plants and how they grow.


Ballasts for indoor growing are not always waterproof, but some are designed to be waterproof to help with the moist environments. Because you’ll be watering or misting plants a lot in your greenhouse or indoor garden, the water can affect HID ballasts if you don’t place them carefully. You may need to place the ballasts in an area that will always remain dry, or else they might be in danger of water damage.

Digital or Not

Digital ballast

HID ballasts can be either digital or analog. Digital are usually more adjustable, while analog last a long time without much need for attention or modification. A lot of common ballasts for growing indoors are digital, because of the higher level of modifications that are possible.

Digital HID ballasts are usually cheaper to operate, which makes them a good choice if you have a lot of grow lights or reflectors to hook up. If you’re growing using the hydroponics method, reliable digital HID ballasts are a great thing to have, because of the need for dimmability with these types of plants.

Lastly, digital ballasts are completely quiet, while non-digital tend to make a little noise when they’re on. Obviously, your plants won’t care about the noise at all, but if a little background humming bothers you than you’ll want to use digital.


Finding the best HID ballast is essential if you want set up a great indoor growing area. To get the full benefits of a ballast, you need to get one that’s compatible with the rest of your system, so make sure that you pay attention to all the points mentioned above and check out what you already have.

As far as a great product to look at, I would recommend the ReVolt Digital Ballast for HPS/MH. It’s a good all-around pleaser, because it can accept a wide range of voltage inputs and releases a wide range of wattage outputs. Although it’s not waterproof, it is digital and has a dimming feature, so it has a lot of functionality that will be very useful for you.

Best Chainsaw Chap Reviews and Buying Guide

Whether you are a professional arborist or simply cut and prune in your garden at home, having the right equipment is key.

From a chainsaw through to a pole saw, there are many labor-saving ways to cut through lots of wood in a hurry.


Safety is absolutely crucial and never more so than when using something as potentially lethal as a chainsaw.

Today, we will walk you through some things to look out for when attempting to choose the best chainsaw chaps then we will present 5 chainsaw chaps reviews. This should make your decision straightforward.

What Are Chainsaw Chaps?

When using a chainsaw, protecting yourself when you are working is critical.

You should, obviously, wear a helmet and some eye protection. It’s also sound practice to wear suitable safety boots and a sturdy pair of gloves. With all of these bases covered, it’s also wise to invest in the chainsaw chaps you can afford.

Chainsaw chaps are designed expressly to absorb full contact from a chainsaw. Often, they are made from tough fabrics like Kevlar. Chaps are what you put on over another pair of trousers.

It’s also possible to buy chainsaw pants. These are not the same as chaps, simply pants suitable for wearing outdoors. You will be protected from small debris or little pieces of sharp wood but with pants you will not be safe from the chainsaw itself.

If you can afford both that’s great. If your budget will not stretch to this, opt for chaps rather than pants,

Why Use Chainsaw Chaps?

Clearly, if you take the time and effort to get hold of the chainsaw chaps, you can enjoy the ultimate protection when you are cutting up logs.

Any time you are using garden tools like this, there’s a risk you could slip. Without adequately covered legs, you could be in all sorts of trouble.

Using a stiff pair of jeans is just really good enough. You need something specifically designed from materials able to stand up to a moving chainsaw that would otherwise slice or gash your legs. This is where a great pair of chaps comes into their own.

We will examine now some of the things to look out for when you are trying to find the chainsaw chaps…

What To Look For In The Chainsaw Chaps

Chainsaw chaps are pretty basic but there are a handful of things to look out for when contemplating which pair to buy…

Size and Length

Incorrectly fitting safety gear can cause more problems that it prevents. Getting the sizing right is fundamental if you want to work danger-free. The last thing you want is to trip over a pair of chaps that are too long and catch on your boots.

Consider what you will be wearing underneath your chainsaw chaps. If you plan on wearing thick pants, it pays to buy your chaps in a bigger size.

Take your time on the sizing and make sure you get it right.

The good news is that there is quite a lot of latitude with sizing. Adjustable straps and buckles offer you good leeway.


If you want clothing to safeguard you against something as dangerous as an operational chainsaw, the proper fabric is fundamental.

Kevlar chaps are known to be incredibly cut-resistant and are hands down the smartest option.

Polyester and PVC are serviceable alternatives.

Comfort and Convenience

You want both comfort and convenience when you are working with any power tools.

A combination of sizing, fabric and brand quality should give you all the comfort you’re looking for. Our chainsaw chaps reviews will point you in the right direction.

When it comes to convenience, think of how well the chaps fit and the number of pockets and loops that can come in handy when you’re working in the garden.

Think about maintenance too… How easy are the chaps to wash and dry?

Get everything right and you’ll be able to enjoy the chainsaw chaps for a long time to come.

Working Safely With a Chainsaw

When you’re working with any garden tool with sharp parts, it’s essential to be on top of your safety game.

Safety chainsaw


We’ll summarize 5 areas for you to think about for safety’s sake…

  1. Protective Pants or Chaps: Sorting yourself out with the chainsaw chaps is the best thing you can do to lessen the chance of any accident while you’re chopping wood
  2. Helmet: The head is always vulnerable when you’re working with heavy machinery and cutting up pieces of wood. Don’t sell yourself short and forget a decent helmet
  3. Gloves: If you’re going to use a chainsaw for an extended period for any kind of task, a solid pair of gloves is a must. You can protect yourself from injury and also cushion your hands and make things easier
  4. Boots: High quality safety boots, ideally with a steel toe cap, are always a smart idea when you’re working in the garden using a power tool. Dropping something on your foot can be surprisingly painful so don’t take any chances and get some good boots
  5. Protective Face Gear: Using protection for both your face and ears is recommended when operating a chainsaw


Now you have a sound overview of what to look out for, we’ll outline for you 5 chainsaw chaps reviews so you can buy with complete confidence.

Best Chainsaw Chap Reviews 2017

Product Name



Adjustable Waist?


Our Rating

Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap

Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap, 36 to 38-Inch




WoodlandPro Chainsaw Safety Chaps

WoodlandPRO Chainsaw Safety Chaps




Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps with Pocket

Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps with Pocket, Orange 36 Length by Forester




Labonville Full-Wrap Chainsaw Safety Chaps

Labonville Full-Wrap Chainsaw Safety Chaps - Green Regular




Husqvarna 531309565 Chain Saw Apron Chaps

Husqvarna 531309565 Chain Saw Apron Chaps, Gray/Blue




1) Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap, 36 to 38-Inch

The first pair of chainsaw chaps up today comes from the reputable manufacturer Husqvarna.

Although these are mid-price chaps, you’ll enjoy top of the line quality so they represent great value for money.

If you’re a casual home gardener, these chaps are a smart purchase. They’re also suitable for professional arborists so they are very versatile.

Keeping these chaps clean is a breeze. You can wash them with cold water and hang dry them in no time.

These chaps meet US safety standards so you know that they will stand up to some punishment.

The adjustable waist will accommodate most small to medium users. There is a larger size available if you’re over 40 inches around the waist. Straps around the lower legs help these chaps fit snugly.

For a reliable and affordable pair of chainsaw chaps from a brand you can trust, think seriously about this technical apron version from Husqvarna.


  • Great value for money
  • Chaps cover the calves for added protection
  • ​Handy pocket for wedges or any other equipment
  • ​Cold water washable for complete convenience. Simply hang dry and you’re good to go
  • ​OSHA and ASTM certified for safety
  • ​Adjustable waist so good for multiple users


  • Can feel rather warm in hot weather

2) WoodlandPro Chainsaw Safety Chaps

A cheap but rugged pair of chaps worth bearing in mind are the WoodlandPro.

These are a half-length version so you will enjoy greater mobility and more than adequate ventilation. They are perfect for hotter climates.

Although super-lightweight and easy to wear, these chaps are man enough to stave off a chainsaw nick to the leg.

With a double layer of Kevlar, you will be nicely protected from anything threatening the upper part of your leg.

If you are prepared to go for a pair of half-length leg protectors, WoodlandPro offer some of the best chainsaw chaps for your money.


  • Very cheap for high quality chaps
  • Half length means more mobility and ventilation
  • ​Ultra-lightweight and user-friendly but still strong
  • ​Various sizes to suit most sizes
  • ​Double layer of Kevlar for superb protection


  • Leaves all but the thigh exposed

3) Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps with Pocket, Orange 36 Length

Another inexpensive but excellent pair of chaps is up next, these apron chaps from Forester.

They’re lightweight and offer pretty reasonable coverage. If you need to move around a lot or you’re working in high temperatures, these chaps are ideal.

The Kevlar is great but these chaps are not great for really torquey electric chainsaws. They are best for home gardening rather than commercial projects.

The material is oil-resistant and water-resistant. The chaps are very easy to wash with soap and water.

A handy pocket means you can stash any tools you need close to hand.

For casual users looking for the chainsaw chaps without breaking the bank. Forester provides the perfect solution.


  • Very cheap without sacrificing quality
  • Lightweight allowing great movement and flexibility
  • Decent coverage
  • ​Pocket for easy storage
  • ​Easy to clean and dry


  • Not ideal for use with electric chainsaws
  • Padding slightly thin

4) Labonville Full-Wrap Chainsaw Safety Chaps - Orange Ex-Long

Our penultimate pair of chaps come from Labonville and are a much more expensive full-wrap variant.

In the tree game, Labonville are a highly respected brand so, although these chaps are not cheap, you are buying into a manufacturer you can trust. Labonville have been producing innovative, top-notch chainsaw gear since the 1960s and continue to lead the pack.

Since they offer full-wrap protection, they might leave you feeling rather hot under certain conditions so bear this in mind.

For both residential and commercial purposes, the Labonville chaps will stand up to some tough treatment.

These chaps comply fully with American safety standards so you know you are in a good pair of hands.

Although these chaps might not be the cheapest available option but they are certainly a strong contender for the chainsaw chaps currently on the market.


  • Great brand heritage
  • Highly adjustable waist for added convenience
  • 4 sizes so all users can find a pair to fit
  • ​Fully compliant with OHSA safety standards
  • ​Full-wrap so cover front of legs and calves completely
  • Kevlar for extra protection
  • Very comfortable and easy to work in


  • Can feel too hot
  • Expensive although good overall value

5) Husqvarna 531309565 Chain Saw Apron Chaps, Gray/Blue

We’ll round out our peek at the chainsaw chaps with another pair from Husqvarna, this time the 531309565 apron chaps.

With one size good for all users, there is no need here to fuss about getting the sizing right. You can adjust the waist easily up to 46 inches and nifty straps help you make sure these chaps are the correct length too.

These chaps are fully safety compliant with OHSA and ASTM so you can use your chainsaw in confidence.

The padding on these chaps is adequate while allowing them to feel incredibly light and free at the same time.

Taking care of them will not give you a headache either. You can pop these chaps in the washing machine or hand wash them then simply drip-dry them hanging up and they’ll be as good as new.

For a no-nonsense pair of chaps that will keep you safe without costing a fortune, these apron chaps are well worth a place on your shortlist.


  • Cheap but high quality
  • Easy to hand wash or machine wash and hang dry
  • ​OHSA and ASTM certified for safety
  • ​One-size-fits-all for total convenience
  • ​Handy tool pocket
  • Fully adjustable waist and legs


  • Slightly lightweight


We hope that these chainsaw chaps reviews have been useful and that you are now confident of buying the chainsaw chaps for your particular needs.

If you found this article handy, please feel free to share it. If you have any questions, drop us a line and we will get back to you as promptly as possible.

Happy gardening!