Best Splitting Maul Reviews

Gardening tools extend far beyond the garden these days.

There are many outdoor pursuits and survival reasons for buying the best gardening equipment.

One constant of outdoor life is chopping wood.

Today, we’ll look at some splitting maul reviews. When it comes to making light work of large piles of lumber, there’s simply no substitute for the best splitting maul.

First thing’s first, though…

Why bother cutting wood by hand in the first place?

Why Split Wood Manually?

It’s in these survival situations or if you live and work somewhere pretty remote that the best splitting maul is invaluable.

A chainsaw is great when the going is good. How about when the chain snaps? Have you got a spare chain?

What about the power? Chainsaws need fuelling up.

With the best splitting maul, you can get some exercise while enjoying guaranteed firewood without needing to rely on a chainsaw.

While a chainsaw is efficient, it can also be dangerous. There’s far less chance of coming to grief with an axe than a powerful tool like a chainsaw.

What Is The Best Splitting Maul?

A splitting maul tops the tree when it comes to manually cutting wood.

Sure, you could opt for a log splitter or a professional chainsaw but that’s not always practical.

Mauls designed to split wood usually have heavy heads. They weigh in at around 8 pounds so you’ve got plenty of power behind your swing. You’ll have all the impetus you need to drive down into big logs.

All the best splitting mauls have long handles. You need two hands to use them effectively. This is not a light spot of pruning with your scissors. Working with a splitting maul is hard physical work.

Often, splitting mauls have flat butts. This allows you to smash down on it with a sledgehammer for any added force necessary.

If you plan to work mainly with hardwoods, a maul is better than any other form of axe.

What Is A Splitting Axe?

A splitting axe is a less hardcore version of a maul.

Where you can fell wood with a maul, an axe performs best on pre-chopped wood. You can cut your firewood down for size without needing to break out the chainsaw chaps.

Most splitting axes are long-handled like the maul. There are one-handed axes available.

If you want to whittle smaller logs into kindling, an axe is ideal. If you have more ambitious cutting needs, it won’t be man enough.

Why Use a Splitting Maul?

You use an axe or maul for 3 main reasons:

  • Cutting
  • Splitting
  • Shaping

There are so many different types of axe from the more conventional through to heavy-duty alternatives like the splitting maul. There are felling axes, tomahawks and hatchets. The world is your oyster if you want the best splitting maul.


The type of axe you choose dictates the sort of work you can undertake. Get the right one for the jobs you have in mind. Think about where you will be using the axe.

Cutting or Splitting?

The profile of the axe is the leading factor here.

Thinner profiles are much better for cutting. All the power goes where the edge meets the wood. With a thin point of contact, that power is forced into a smaller area so is more effective.

Splitting profiles are thicker. This more resembles a wedge shape and will force the wood apart in two directions as required.

You usually cut across the grain and split through the grain.

Length of Handle

Axes and mauls vary in size enormously.

From a small pocket axe for something suitable for felling trees, there’s a size for every cutting requirement.

Longer handles offer more power. You’ll get more precision from a smaller axe.

Most standard splitting mauls have 36-inch handles.


Now you have a decent overview of splitting axes and mauls, it’s time for our splitting maul reviews.

We have chosen 5 diverse options so there is something for every need and budget.

5 Best Splitting Maul Reviews

Product Name


Weight (pounds)



Our Rating

Fiskars Iso Core 8 pound Maul

Fiskars Iso Core 8 pound Maul




Editor Choice

Truper 30958 8-Pound Splitting Maul,

Truper 30958 8-Pound Splitting Maul,





Gransfors Bruks Splitting Maul

Gransfors Bruks Splitting Maul





Mintcraft PRO 34004 Wood Splitting Maul

Mintcraft PRO 34004 Wood Splitting Maul





Estwing E3-FF4 4-Pound Wood Splitting Axe/Maul

Estwing E3-FF4 4-Pound Wood Splitting Axe/Maul





First up in our splitting maul reviews is a powerful 36-inch classic from Fiskars.

Fiskars have a reputation for producing top quality garden tools without breaking the bank.

8 pounds is the benchmark for a splitting maul and whether you’re splitting wood or driving wedges, you’ll have all the power you need.

This maul is good for chopping down even larger logs into more manageable sizes. The IsoCore system dampens down the vibration so you can whack away without straining yourself.

There’s an extended grip and a flare that minimizes the chance of any kick so you can use this maul for long periods without straining yourself.

You’re covered by a no quibbles, lifetime guarantee so you can buy in complete confidence.

Next up in our look at the best splitting mauls is another 36-incher, this time from industry heavyweight Truper.

If you want to split large volumes of wood, this double-injected fiberglass handle gives ultimate performance without any menacing vibration. The rubber grip is easy to hold and will stop your hands from slipping.

Whether you want to chop some firewood down to size or split some heavy logs, the 36-inch handle gives you plenty of leverage and performance when you need it most. If this is too large for your requirements, the Truper is available in a range of other sizes.

The striking face is round bevel-edged and drop-forged for maximum efficiency.

With a limited lifetime warranty for complete peace of mind, you can invest in this awesome Truper splitting maul without worrying about it letting you down.

Next in our look at the best splitting mauls is a much more expensive axe from the highly reputable Gransfors Bruks.

With a 31 ½-inch handle for plenty of power and a heavy 6-pound head, this is a definite contender for the best splitting maul on the market. While it is not quite so large as many mauls, this is great for smaller users.

The poll is specially designed so you can hammer away with a splitting wedge when needed.

There’s a top-notch leather sheath thrown in for good measure.

You’ll get a 20-year limited warranty which makes it clear how much Gransfors Bruks stand behind this superb splitter.

If you need to chop down large stacks of wood in a hurry and you are nowhere near a chainsaw or log splitter, this Gransfors Bruks splitting maul is the next best thing.

As we near the end of our splitting maul reviews, another great and extremely affordable axe from Mintcraft.

This falls somewhere between a standard axe and a more substantial maul. With a 31-inch handle made from hickory and a 6-pound head, you’ll be able to slice your way through even thicker chunks of wood.

The blade is ground down so that it’s concave and thin. There’s a steel collar for great grip.

With a leather sheath provided and a 20-year limited warranty, you can buy this mail without worrying about the head falling off six months later.

When it comes to splitting mauls, not everyone wants the very biggest possible option. If you want a perfect combination of power and precision at a very affordable price point, think long and hard about the Mintcraft PRO 34004.

Finishing up our look at the best splitting mauls on the market is a much more compact axe/maul from Estwing.

If you want a one-handed chopping solution that still packs plenty of power, this 14-incher gives you adequate leverage and force to chop even hard, stubborn logs fuss-free.

Forged in a single piece, the steel head is complemented by a non-slip rubber grip. This handle also lessens any shock and vibration to make chopping a breeze.

Estwing’s concept when making the Fireside Friend was to emulate the capability of larger mauls in a much dinkier package. They succeeded in fine style. If you want a turbo-charged splitting maul without needing a huge, heavy tool, check out the E3-FF4. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


We hope you have enjoyed these splitting maul reviews.

Getting the best splitting maul is a matter of determining exactly what you want from your axe and buying accordingly.

Feel free to get in touch at any time. We respond to any questions or feedback as promptly as possible.

Happy splitting!

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