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Pond vacuums are one of the new must-have maintenance items for anyone with a garden pond or outdoor fish pond. This handy device helps you get the pond clean without you having to climb in there and do it by hand. That’s a big relief if you’ve ever had to clean up your pond by hand before! For those once or twice a year full clean-up jobs, find the best pond vacuum to get your fish pond into tip-top shape.

Top 5 Pond Vacuum Reviews Comparison Table

Product Name

Type of Pump

Filtration Stage

Quantity (gallons)

Water Return?

Particle/Debris Sizes

Our Rating

Oase Pondovac 4

Dual-Chamber Suction

7 feet



Adjustable Size Nozzles


OASE PondoVac Classic

Single Chamber Suction

6 feet



Adjustable Size Nozzles

Editor Choice

Patriot CleanSweep 1400

Single Chamber Suction

6 feet



Adjustable Size Nozzles


PoolSupplyTown Pond Vacuum

Single Chamber Suction

about 4 feet



Large Particles Only, up to 7 Inches


Matala Pond Vacuum II Muck Vac

Single Chamber Suction

6 feet



Up to 3/8inch diameter


Benefits of the Best Pond Vacuum

Best pond vacuum reviews 2017

What’s so great about a pond vacuum? Here are the benefits you stand to gain from owning one for yourself:

Spend Less Time Cleaning

The biggest and best benefit is that it takes a long, tedious cleaning job and turns it into a much quicker and easier job. When you’re using a pond vacuum, you’re going to cut your pond cleaning time into a much more bearable chunk. Depending on how powerful your vacuum is and the size of your pond, you might be done within a few short minutes!

Save Money

If you’re in the habit of paying someone else to come and clean your pond, this purchase is really going to save you a bit of cash. Having your own pond vacuum is definitely going to save money in this case, because you won’t have to pay someone to come with their own vacuum and clean out your pond.

Do a Great Job

Let’s face it: vacuums do a better job than we can by hand. If you want to do a great job of cleaning out your pond, use a pond vacuum to get up the muck.

Leave Your Fish and Plants Alone

The worst part about doing an annual pond cleaning for most people is that you have to remove all your precious fish and some of your pond plants in order to clean. Well, many pond vacuums will not disturb or injure your fish and plants, so you can actually leave them in the water while you’re cleaning. This means a lot less work on your part, and an equally clean pond.

How to Choose a Pond Vacuum

What should you look at when you want to know the difference between two pond vacuums? Not all vacuums will work well for your pond, so you should think about the device in terms of what you as a pond owner need. Here are the things to look for in the best pond vacuum for you:

Type of Vacuum

Vacuum suctions is created using different methods. Depending on what method a pond vacuum uses, you can expect the suction to be stronger or weaker. Dual-chamber suctions is usually more powerful than single chamber suction, although that’s not always the case in every vacuum. The type of suction may also affect how the vacuum cleans your pond.

Size of Your Pond

Vacuums are designed for a certain size range of ponds, not for just any pond. They have a limited reach and cannot physically clean every pond. If you have a larger pond, you will need a larger and more powerful vacuum. People with smaller ponds can get away with smaller vacuums, but probably shouldn’t use a large and powerful vacuum as it might be hard to maneuver.

Cleaning Depth

Each vacuum also has a limit on how deep down it can vacuum. While the hose length itself definitely enforces this limit, the vacuums are also not designed to have suction power past a certain depth, based on what the suction method is and how strong it is.

What this means for you is that you need to find a pond vacuum that can actually reach to the bottom of your pond for cleaning. If you have a 6 feet deep pond, don’t buy a vacuum that can only reach 4 feet down.

In addition, some pond vacuums have a minimum depth. This can be important knowledge for you to have if you are the owner of a shallow pond. Vacuums with a high minimum depth may not work well on shallow ponds, or may not function at all.

Water Return

Water return valves are not as common as they probably should be on pond vacuums. Most vacuums discharge pond water away from the area and into your yard instead of returning cleaned water back to the pond itself. Having a water return option that will clean and filter water before returning it back to the pond is a wonderful feature for convenience and for helping you avoid refilling your pond all the time.

Particle and Debris Sizes

Dirt and debris doesn’t all come in the same size and shape. If you have leaves resting on the bottom of your pond, you may need a different pond vacuum than someone who just wants to clean up the muck layer. Choose a vacuum that’s capable of picking up the size of debris that you are dealing with, so you won’t have to do anything by hand after using it!

Energy Consumption

This may not be a make or break type of feature, but it can be a good thing to know. The energy consumption can tell you a bit about how much you’re going to spend running this vacuum every day, month, or year that you use it. Knowing how much something is going to cost to use and maintain helps you make a more informed decision about whether it’s worth the cost or not.


Pond vacuum reviews can be difficult to read if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Hopefully this guide to finding the best pond vacuum has helped you understand a bit more about what to look out for and how to make an informed decision!

Personally, I would recommend the Oase Pondovac 4. Although it has the highest power consumption of the vacuums I mentioned above in the table, it’s also by far the most powerful and versatile vacuum. You can use it for a lot of larger and deeper ponds, so no matter what kind of pond you have, you shouldn’t have much of an issue getting this to work for you.

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