Best Pond Lights Reviews and Buying Guide

If you have spent a lot of time and money on your garden pond, you’re in for a treat today.

Ponds are becoming more and more popular. Whether it’s keeping koi carp or a purely ornamental feature, ponds take quite a lot of upkeep…

From the pump through to the filter, there’s a lot to think about beyond simply installing the pond.

Today, we’ll look at 5 pond lights reviews. This should help you to think about what type of lights you want.

Getting the best pond lights is really not rocket science. It just takes a bit of time, patience and research…

Why Pond Lights?

In a word, atmosphere.

Pond lights don’t fall under the umbrella of a necessary purchase. You can just as easily do without them. Much as you could make do without a reading lamp but most of us have one.

Thing is, why invest so many hours and so much money on getting a first-rate pond together then skimp on accessories?

Get some lights and you can add a wonderful burst of color and ambience to summer evenings by the garden pond.

Whether you want to highlight a particular water feature or draw out the surrounding foliage, pond lights are a magical addition to your garden.

We’ll look now at the different options at your disposal…

What To Consider When Buying The Best Pond Lights

First, you need to think about what style of lighting you are looking for. There are 3 main options:

  • Underwater LED lights
  • Around Pond Lights
  • Feature Lighting

Underwater LED lights 

Obviously, water and electricity can be a dangerous mix so you need to get underwater lights right.

The best pond lights come with an IP rating of 67 or 68. This is necessary if you want the lights submerged.

LED lights produce very intense light but use very little power so it’s a real win-win.

Around The Pond Lights

If you want to pick out any foliage, flowers or trees around the pond, some LED garden lights are just what you need.

We will not be focusing on this type of light today but there is a wide choice of around pond lights here.

Feature Lighting

If you want to make your waterfall stand out even more, try some feature lighting.

We’ll show you a great example in our pond lights reviews coming up…

5 Best Pond Lights Reviews

First up in our look at the best pond lights is a superb submersible LED from Deckey.

With 36 LEDs, you can give your pond water a beautiful burst of muted blue light.

The cables are around 10 feet with the light and adapter cords combined. Think about this in relation to the size of your pond.

There are 4 sticky suction cups. You can attach your light vertically or horizontally. It fixed on the ground or glass so it’s a highly flexible lighting solution.

Whether you want to brighten up your pond, aquarium or fountain, this submersible spotlight is among the best pond lights you can buy at an extremely affordable price point.

This pack of 3 submersible spotlights from Jebao are great for lighting up the water in your pond or water fountain without breaking the bank.

With the requisite low voltage at 12V, you’ll get 3 lights of 1.6 watts each.

The standard clear LED lens gives off white light. You’ll get blue, green, yellow and red lenses thrown in as well for a bit of variety.

These lights are suitable for use either under water or outside of the pond.

The plastic housing is built to last so these pond lights should give you many years of pleasure without letting you down.

There’s a 12V transformer provided and the cable is a generous 20 feet long. A nifty sensor flicks the lights on at sunset and turns them off at dawn.

For a capable and rugged lighting solution, think seriously about this LED submersible pond light from Jebao.

MUCH offer an exceptional pond light at an incredibly low price meaning you can easily treat yourself to some nice, subdued waterside lighting.

This is a very versatile underwater light that’s equally at home in a pond, aquarium or pool. You can use it as a fountain lamp or as landscape lighting so you really are spoiled for choice.

With a 10-foot wire, you should have more than enough room for maneuver.

There are 36 LED bulbs that rotate through a selection of patterns and display differently colored light. This is a nice injection of variety.

With 12V safe working voltage, you and your koi carp are in safe hands.

For a multi-purpose pond light that will add to your garden’s ambiance, pop this great underwater light from MUCH on your shortlist. It will not disappoint.

As we near the end of our pond lights reviews, we’ll look at an extremely innovative solution from CREATIVE DESIGN.

This nifty submersible light comes with a solar panel. This panel is fully adjustable through 350 degrees. You can take full advantage of all the sun that comes your way and save on your utility bills.

The IP67 rating means this light is perfectly safe to use underwater.

You’ll be able to charge up via solar or USB. This gives you maximum adaptability and minimum cost.

There are 2 main working modes and you will get plenty of running time from the battery. You’ll enjoy 4-6 hours with the lights on high or 8-12 hours if you run them dimmer.

For a cost-effective way to get some subtle, subdued lighting, think seriously about this solar-powered option.

Last on our list of the best pond lights is a great way to pep up the look of your waterfall without needing a bank loan.

Whether you want to brighten up your water garden or pop it among the landscaping, this 1-watt LED accent light kicks out the same output as a halogen lamp 10 times the size.

The build quality is first-rate. The die-cast metal finish will endure for years even in harsh conditions.

The light hooks up easily to other Aquascape quick connect components.

You’ll get about 40,000 hours of use out of these lights which represents incredible value for money.

For a neatly-designed light that will integrate well into any water feature like a waterfall, this Aquascape LED is a worthwhile investment.


We trust you have enjoyed our look at these pond light reviews.

Hopefully, if you are clear about what type you would like, getting the best pond lights just got a whole lot easier.

You can contact us any time if you have any questions at all. We are always happy to get feedback from our readers and to help in any way we can.

Now go and kick back in the garden!

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