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It’s that time of year again…

The summer is approaching and you can get outside for a BBQ or to lounge by the heated pool.

With gardening, it seems natural to spend money on tools to take the sweat out of maintenance…

From a pruning saw or a weed eater to help with the finishing touches through to a chainsaw for your firewood or the best backpack sprayer, there’s always something you could add to your tool shed.

Don’t forget to spend money on relaxing in your garden as well. You deserve it.

Today, we’ll look at some patio umbrella reviews.

Whether you are kicked back poolside or laid in your back yard, you don’t always want to be in the direct sunlight.

That’s where a patio umbrella comes fully to the fore. With very little effort, you can enjoy a versatile shade solution without spending a fortune.

Why Use a Patio Umbrella?

In a word, shade.

If you’re outside, it’s important to have shelter from the elements. Whether it’s reducing the time you spend in the harmful UV rays of the sun or hunkering down against the rain or wind, shelter is an inbuilt need.

Commercial food outlets often provide patio umbrellas for outdoor seating areas. You can munch your food without being assailed by the sun.

What To Consider When Buying The Best Patio Umbrella

Type of Patio Umbrella

Right off the bat, you need to decide between the 2 main styles:

  • Patio Umbrella
  • Cantilever Patio Umbrella

Patio Umbrella

The type we will primarily focus on today, patio umbrellas have long been the industry standard.

These umbrellas have a central pole that extends to a base so they are more limited than cantilever versions with their offset base to maximize space.

Cantilever Patio Umbrella

Although we will feature one offset umbrella today, check out our recent article on cantilever patio umbrellas here.

Cantilever umbrellas are more expensive but you’ll get more freedom with the offset base. There’s no pole down the middle to cramp your style as you sip cocktails with friends.


When you’re seeking shade, you need to be aware that the sun will keep on moving.

The best patio umbrellas let you perform a series of tilts so that you can chase the sun without getting up and moving things around.


Think about the base provided with the umbrella you have in mind.

Some bases require additional weighting down. Look into this and take steps to further secure your base. The last thing you want is a heavy umbrella to come crashing down on a table of plates and glasses.


Give umbrellas with wooden poles a miss. They are prone to breakage. Also, the sealant used for jointing can wreak havoc on the umbrella.

You’re much better off shooting for an umbrella with aluminum poles for added strength and support.


One of the most crucial factors to get right when looking for the best patio umbrella is size.

As a rule of thumb, look for an umbrella 5 feet wider than the table you intend to use it with. You won’t get adequate protection if you go tighter than this. It will look unnatural if you go for something much bigger.

Umbrellas are available in a wide range of sizes fit for most purposes.


Only you know how much importance you attach to the color of your umbrella.

Think about where it will go and what other surroundings you need to co-ordinate. Choose the best color you can come up with. There’s something for most palates.


Last but by no means least in any buying decision is price.

Put simply, think about your budget and spend as much as you can within that. Patio umbrellas are not expensive and the better ones are built to last. You should buy a top-rated model which will save you money in the long run. Imagine buying a cheap and flimsy umbrella only to find it comes apart with the first gust of wind.

By fixing on a set maximum budget, you can automatically narrow down your options to make researching your purchase that much easier.


Now you’ve got an idea of the basics, it’s time to move on to the patio umbrella reviews...

5 Best Patio Umbrella Reviews

First up in our look at the best patio umbrellas is a great budget offering from Giantex that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

This tan umbrella is made from polyester fabric draped over a steel pole and ribs. The dust and water are kept away along with the sun.

Some umbrellas don’t cope well with rain but the Giantex has got you covered in the event of a downpour.

The model featured is tan but this umbrella is also available in burgundy and beige so there’s a color to suit everyone.

The stand is not included with this umbrella so factor that into your buying decision.

At 10 foot across, you can have a good handful of friends over for dinner and you’ll all be covered in style.

Assembly couldn’t be easier so you’re good to go straight out the box.

If you want no-nonsense coverage on a budget, this Giantex 10 foot umbrella is well worth popping on your shortlist.

Next up in our look at the best patio umbrellas is a sizeable 9-foot from Abba Patio at a very keen price.

At 9 foot across, you can create a shaded area for 4 to 6 people sat around a table without anyone feeling cramped or edged out into the sun.

The polyester umbrella won’t fade or rip easily. It protects you against harmful UV rays and is also water resistant. The color is fixed with a solution and rated at 1000 hours.

The fabric is draped over a powder-coated aluminum pole with some handy steel ribs to strengthen it further.

Air flow is crucial with patio umbrellas. There’s always a danger of a gust of wind upending your umbrella. A large and heavy unit crashing down on a table of plates and glasses is the last thing you need. The vented Abba Patio minimizes that risk.

There’s a user-friendly tilt and crank system. Popping the umbrella up or down is a cinch.

For an affordable and durable patio umbrella that will protect you when it counts, check out this 9-footer from Abba Patio.

Next up in our patio umbrella reviews is a more expensive but more luxurious model from Sunnydaze Décor.

The 9 foot umbrella is made from rugged polyester and provides enough shade for a table of up to 6 people.

Each of the 8 ribs features 3 little LED lights. These are solar powered so cost you nothing to run while offering muted and relaxing lighting. This is a nice touch on an umbrella that’s still quite reasonably priced.

One thing to note is that the base is not included with this model. Your umbrella will fit most standard bases with a 1.5-inch opening.

Opening and closing the umbrella is as simple as operating the crank system. There’s a vent for added stability in the event of strong winds.

You’ll get a 1-year limited warranty so you can buy in complete confidence.

If you want to add a little brightness to your outside surroundings, this neat multi-purpose patio umbrella merits further investigation.

As we near the end of our patio umbrella reviews, we’ll look at an attractive 9-footer from Sundale Outdoor.

The pictured umbrella is light blue but it’s also available in several other colors. Think about how you want your new piece of kit to co-ordinate with existing décor and buy accordingly.

The 9-foot solution-dyed polyester is perfectly fade-resistant so you won’t be faced with an unsightly and dull umbrella after a month or two.

The standard 1.5-inch iron pole has 6 ribs for added support, also iron. These ribs are made from fiberglass. Each of these ribs comes with 4 LED lights. There’s a solar panel on top of the umbrella so you can get power without paying for it.

You will not get the base included with this umbrella. You can buy one here.

Although this is not the cheapest umbrella, particularly as you also need to invest in a base, you will not be disappointed. For a stable and eye-catching way to stay out of the shade, this umbrella is tough to beat. Only its high price point means it features lower down our list of the best patio umbrellas.

Last in our patio umbrella reviews is another 9-footer, this time from TropiShade.

You can open and shut the umbrella with ease using the crank lift. It will also tilt in 3 different positions to maximize your shade.

The durable polyester is weather-resistant and finished in a muted rust color. You’ll even get a cover thrown in making this exceptional overall value. If rust doesn’t do it for you, opt for beige, canvas or green instead.

With an aluminum frame and half a dozen fiberglass ribs, you’ll get a stable unit. The wind vent is a nice touch.

Although the base is not included, you can buy one separately. The pole is 1.375 inches so if you choose to go with a different base, make sure it fits!

For a cost-effective patio umbrella that will give you all the shade you need without breaking the bank, the TropiShade umbrella is a superb choice.


We hope you enjoyed these patio umbrella reviews and that your buying decision has been simplified.

Once you’ve decided on which type suits you best and considered weighting down the base, there’s not much more to it. Just sit back and relax in the shade.

You’re welcome to contact us if you’ve got any queries at all. We respond promptly and we’re always more than ready to help.

Happy lounging!

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