Best Koi Pond Pump Reviews

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes and if you have space enough for a pond, keeping fish is a satisfying way to add some color and interest to your garden.

But what fish should you choose?

Koi are known as nishikigoi in Japanese. This means “brocaded carp.” Koi are ornamental, colorful versions of the common carp.

Today, we’ll check out some koi pond pump reviews. If you plan to keep these magnificent fish, it’s crucial that you get the set-up right.

We looked a few weeks back at the best pond filter for your Koi. This article generated lots of feedback for more on koi so we will get started today with the best koi pond pumps available. We will move on to look at setting up your filtration system. Later in the month we will explore building a koi pond so you have all you need to get started!

Koi: The Basics

It was the Chinese who first introduced bright coloring to the common carp. This was perhaps 2000 years ago.

The art of breeding koi, though, was perfected by the Japanese. Although koi are once again being bred in China, it’s in Japan where the best bloodlines are tended.

Koi normally grow anywhere from 24 to 36 inches. Some bumper varieties grow over 50 inches but conditions must be right and it’s no easy task to raise these giants.

These are expensive fish with the price decided by many factors:

  • Name and fame of the breeder
  • Patterning
  • Body shape
  • Depth of coloring

You can keep koi indoors or outside.

Conditions need to be perfect for these fish to flourish. Getting the pond filter right is crucial. Koi produce enormous amounts of fish. This needs to be neatly filtered away.

You’ll also need to invest in the best koi pond pump so how do you go about choosing one?

Why Do You Need a Pump?

Without a pump, there will be no movement in your water. This makes it super-simple for mosquitoes or other common pests to cause plenty of damage.

With the improved aeration offered by a pump, you can protect your precious koi while keeping any menaces away.

Types of Pond Pump

When it comes to pond pumps, you have 2 main choices:

  • Submersible Pump
  • External Pump

Aside from these broad categories, there are many other variants available. From solar-powered pumps that will slash your power bill through to waterfall and axial pumps, there are many options at your disposal.

How do the submersible and external pumps differ?

Submersible Pump

Submersible pumps are easier to set up. They are hidden from sight and you won’t need any extra piping or messing around.

You’ll get very little noise from a submersible pump but they are rather prone to clogging.

External Pump

As the name suggests, these pumps are popped outside the pond, often hidden away in a shrub or some bushes.

External pumps are slightly more efficient, very powerful and extremely cost-effective.

On the downside, you’ll need extra pipes to carry the water to and from the pump. They also kick out far more noise than submersibles.

Which Pond Pump Is The Best?

There is no right or wrong answer for what works best. Think about the size and design of your pond along with your personal preferences.

Think about both the upfront cost and the ongoing running costs. You can generally see how many watts the pump will use and estimate how much it will cost you to keep it ticking over.

It’s a delicate balance to strike between flow rate, running expenses and installation. Go with what works best for you.

Handy Hints For Choosing The Best Koi Pond Pump

There is so much to think about when you are looking for a pump that it can all seem very confusing.

Before anything else, some simple pointers to make your life easier…

  • Your pump should be capable of pumping the volume of the pond in 2 hours. This will allow for a full circulation of the water 12 times daily. This balances the needs of everything in the ecosystem. With a 6000 liter pond, you’d be looking for a pump with a rate of 3000-4000 liters per hour
  • Pond pumps are built to last outdoors. Don’t try to use something meant for a smaller feature pond
  • The best koi pond pump needs to run all day every day with no down time. This is crucial for the welfare of your fish
  • Avoid additional fittings wherever possible
  • Aim for a ribbed hose and avoid pipes or tubing with small diameters. Use as little pipe as possible to attach your pump


Now you have a decent overview, it’s time to check out the best koi pond pumps you can get for your money. Give your valuable fish the care they deserve without needing to spend a fortune.

5 Best Koi Pond Pump Reviews

Product Name


Size of Pond(gallons

Flow Rate (gallons per hour


Our Rating

TetraPond Water Garden Pump

TetraPond Water Garden Pump




Editor Choice

Active Aqua Submersible Water Pump

Active Aqua Submersible Water Pump





Patriot Koi Pond Pump KP8000 & Waterfall Pump

Patriot Koi Pond Pump KP8000 & Waterfall Pump





Alpine PAL3100 3100GPH Cyclone Pump, 33

Alpine PAL3100 3100GPH Cyclone Pump, 33





EcoPlus 728310 Eco 396 Fixed Flow Submersible/Inline Pump

EcoPlus 728310 Eco 396 Fixed Flow Submersible/Inline Pump





First up in our koi pond pump reviews is an affordable magnetic drive pump from the highly reputable TetraPond.

The model we looked at is suitable for ponds from 500 to 1000 gallons. There are other sizes available.

With an impressive flow rate of 1000 gallons per hour (GPH), this compact but powerful pump gives you all the water need for your beloved koi and it keeps on coming.

Ongoing running costs always come into play with any appliance you leave continually running. Fortunately, this pump is extremely energy efficient so you shouldn’t be stiffed with any outrageous power bills.

You’ll be able to service your waterfall, filter and fountain head with this pump so it’s very flexible. This manufacturer sells very simple waterfall kits if you want to experiment and you don’t yet have one.

There are 3 accessories available separately in addition to the pump cage which is bundled free of charge:

  • Pump Pre-Filter: This attaches easily and prevents debris from clogging up the impeller. This is not a cleaning solution so you’ll need a separate external filter
  • In-Pond Skimmer: Pop this in any pond up to 1000 gallons and any debris will be trapped and filtered in the basket
  • Submersible Flat-Box Filter: Hook this up to the intake of your pump. You’ll be able to clean a smaller pond and go some way towards reducing clogging

If you are looking for a no-nonsense, energy-efficient pump that will last the distance, this TetraPond is tough to beat.

Next up is an effective pond pump from Active Aqua, an industry heavyweight selling great products at reasonable prices.

This is a submersible pump and will kick out 1000 gallons per hour so it’s suitable for most regular koi ponds.

You’ll get a range of hose fittings to ensure that everything snaps nicely into place.

The mag drive construction means this pump is built to last. You’ll get removable foam filters, a handy 10-foot power cable and impellers. There are even some rubber feet to help ease any vibration.

You’re covered with a 1-year limited warranty in case anything goes amiss.

For an oil-free and environmentally-friendly experience, treat yourself to this submersible water pump from Active Aqua. Your fish will thank you.

The Patriot KP8000 is an expensive pump that comes consistently well reviewed by those who need a highly capable water pump for a larger operation. There are other models available ranging from the KP550 for smaller ponds right through to the KP10000 at the top of the tree.

The flow rate is impressive at 8000GPH. Hybrid drive technology leads to an incredibly efficient submersible pump to fully aerate even larger koi ponds.

Everything about this unit is engineered to work constantly and there’s a handy overload switch just in case things heat up too much.

You should use this pump inside a skimmer-style filter or some other form of pre-filtration. If not, you risk the pump getting nastily clogged up by pond debris.

You’ll get a solid 2-year warranty with the Patriot so you can buy without worrying about trouble further down the line.

For a pump that punches above its weight, check out the Patriot KP8000. It delivers in fine style.

As we near the end of our look at the best koi pond pumps, here’s a smart choice from Alpine, the PAL3100.

This energy-efficient submersible pump from Alpine has an oil-free ceramic shaft coupled with ceramic impeller shafts for maximum longevity.

The pump, vortex impeller and pre-filter can be quickly and easily assembled. You won’t need any tools.

As with most pumps, there are variable sizes on offer. The one we looked at has an awesome flow rate of 3100 gallons per hour so even larger koi ponds can be catered for.

You can use this pump vertically or horizontally for total flexibility.

For an effective water pump solution that will leave your koi very well cared for, the Alpine PAL3100 is a best-seller with just cause.

Last in our list of the best koi pond pumps is an exceptionally cheap pump from EcoPlus that doesn’t stint on performance.

This is a much smaller pump than the others with a flow rate of just 396GPH. It’s ideal for ponds of 400 to 700 gallons. There are many other sizes on offer if this is not appropriate for your pond. Get the size right because the flow is non-adjustable.

You can use this pump either in-line or as a submersible. There’s a pre-wired power cord for your convenience. There are several barbed and threaded fittings.

There’s an inbuilt strainer to help safeguard the impeller against damage. A ceramic shaft and bearing to ensure this pump won’t let you down.

From ponds and fountains through to hydroponic systems, this multi-purpose pump will not disappoint.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at these koi pond pump reviews.

Raising koi is incredibly rewarding. You owe it to yourself and to your fish to get the very best koi pond pump to keep things running smoothly.

If you’ve got any questions at all, please get in touch. We are always delighted to hear from our readers and we’ll respond as quickly as we are able.

As always, feel free to contact us with any queries or feedback. We’re always ready to help in any way we can.

Now go and get those koi going!

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