Best Flea Bombs Reviews and Buying Guide

Gardening takes on a different aspect if you have pets.

You want to be certain your hosepipe is made from a material that won’t harm your dog. You’ll need to make sure your swimming pool is secured to prevent pets from wandering too close for comfort.

How about dealing with the nuisances that come your way through animals kept at home?

We’ll look today at the best flea bombs you can buy to keep your yard hygienic and your pets fresh.

As well as these flea bomb reviews, we’ll also explore some of the other ways you can help combat any flea infestations effectively.

What Is A Flea Bomb?

A flea bomb is also commonly known as a flea fogger.

It’s a simple aerosol containing enough powerful insecticide to zap fleas, mosquitoes or ticks and ensure they are gone for good.

It should be stressed firmly that using a flea bomb should be a last resort. Although foggers have been used for many years, they don’t come without a downside.

Flea bombs leave a chemical residue in their wake. This can be harmful to your family and your pets if it’s not properly controlled.

Getting the best flea bomb is no substitute for making sure your pets are treated either. It should be used as an additional measure.

In our flea bomb reviews, you can check out which type would best suit your needs.

First, though, we’ll look at flea foggers in a bit more depth.

How Does a Flea Bomb Work?

There are 5 main chemicals used to treat infestations of fleas:

  • Cypermethrin
  • Permethrin
  • Tetramethrin
  • Methoprene
  • Nylar

Flea bombs will have one or more of these active ingredients.

It’s absolutely essential to leave the house if you are spraying indoors. For outside treatment, the same applies. Leave the area where you release the fogger to avoid inhaling any chemicals.

Do Flea Bombs Really Work?

Yes but with limitations.

The best flea bomb will certainly help in your fight against these tiny pests but you need to keep your expectations realistic.

You won’t eradicate every trace of fleas with a single application. Furniture and other household obstacles help fleas to hide away and escape fumigation.

If you treat a house with nothing in except carpeted floors, the strike rate is much higher. It’s obviously not practical to clear your house entirely but try to minimize escape routes.

Repeat applications should drive out any remaining fleas.

How Do Flea Infestations Start?

Fleas thrive in warm temperatures. They are seasonal.

A flea is a parasite that needs a host to live off. Your pets are ideal for this purpose. Warm and covered in hair, fleas can hide and endure abundantly.

In the short-term, fleas can get by without a host. If need be, they will lie dormant in carpet or clothing. They can feed when hungry then return to the relative safety of the carpet.

The bad news is that fleas are so tiny, you won’t spot them with the naked eye until it’s already too late. The eggs will have hatched and you’ll be facing thousands upon thousands of these tiresome parasites.

How Can You Lessen The Chance of Flea Infestations?

Prevention is the best cure.

Treat your pets regularly for fleas. Consult with your vet about how often you need to do this and what measures you need to take.

Preventing Fleas In The Home

  • Replace any rotting planks to deny fleas entry at these weak points
  • Don’t leave pet food out. The strong smell attracts fleas
  • Throw away all food waste immediately
  • Feeding birds in the garden is rewarding but the feeders also draw in pests like fleas
  • Repair any holes

Preventing Fleas In The Garden

  • Keep the grass cut nicely. Pull up the weeds and use your brush cutter or weed eater to hack back rogue foliage
  • Water regularly. Whether you choose a hose or a sprinkler, keep the moisture levels right
  • Use as much natural pest control as possible against fleas

Natural Remedies For Repelling Fleas

The best method of defense is attack.

Pit natural predators against fleas and let nature do some of the work.

Spiders, nematodes and ladybugs are all capable of helping to bring down the number of fleas before you take further action.

Spearmint and lavender will also help to repel fleas.

What To Watch Out For When Using a Flea Bomb

Here are some simple pointers to take into account if you decide to invest in the best flea bomb.

Safety should be absolutely uppermost.

  • Turn off lights and gas ignition systems. Flea bombs are extremely flammable
  • Flea bombs should never be used on pets. They are strictly for external use
  • Birds are badly affected by fogger fumes. Make sure any bird cages are well removed from the area you will treat
  • Watch out for any pet fish. Cover their tank when you use the flea bomb
  • Make sure you go out for at least 8 hours if you plan to fog indoors
  • Be cautious about using flea bombs if you suffer from asthma
  • Consult a doctor immediately in case of accidentally inhaling the fumes
  • Less is more. Do not be heavy handed and use more flea bombs than you need to. One application per room is sufficient
  • Do not leave any food exposed to the fogger fumes


Now you’ve got the basics covered, it’s time for our flea bomb reviews.

5 Best Flea Bomb Reviews

Product Name


Coverage Area(cubic feet)

Good For Bed Bugs?


Our Rating

Hot Shot

Hot Shot




Editor Choice

Siphotrol Plus

Siphotrol Plus











Precor Plus

Precor Plus











First up is a market-leading flea bomb from Hot Shot that is fit for even heavy outbreaks of these blood-sucking parasites.

This is a great all-purpose fogger. As well as fleas, this spray will see off mosquitoes, beetles, ticks and an array of other mites. They are not a worthwhile treatment for bed bugs, though.

The Hot Shot spray won’t leave any unsightly marks or stains on your furniture and drapery. There should be no nasty smell either. The odor is neutralized.

The fog penetrates deeply and is dry in nature.

The 3-pack represents good value for money even though Hot Shot is not the cheapest overall option.

For a no-nonsense anti-flea treatment, think seriously about the 20177.

Next up is a powerful spray from Vet Chem.

Siphotrol contains methoprene and permethrin among other ingredients. As with all good foggers, the spray is dry and leaves no smell or sticky residue.

Not only will this spray kill adult fleas and ticks, it can also interrupt the flea life cycle to prevent further attacks and kill any eggs

You’ll get 3 cans in the pack and each one is good for covering areas up to 3000 cubic feet. This should be more than enough for most people.

Whether you treat individual rooms or the whole house simultaneously, give Siphotrol a try for a comprehensive flea treatment at an affordable price.

Raid are giants in the industry of pest control. This deep reach flea fogger is a strong contender for best flea bomb.

You can cover spaces of 1875 cubic feet and the spray works its way into awkward spots under furniture for maximum effect.

Raid favors the active ingredient Cypermethrin.

One downside of Raid flea foggers is that they don’t kill the eggs like Siphotrol. The workaround here is to apply a second treatment 2 weeks after to attack any eggs.

This spray should not be used in rooms smaller than 5 x 5 feet. You should use no more than one can per room.

From fleas right through to roaches, ants and spiders, Raid gives you a versatile pest control spray at an extremely cost-effective price.

As we near the end of our flea bomb reviews, another smart choice is the Precor Plus fogger.

Again sold as a pack of 3 for the budget-conscious, a single spray will deal with rooms up to 750 cubic feet.

Like with all the very flea bombs, Precor Plus kills off the eggs alongside the adult fleas.

As with Siphotrol, the active ingredients are methoprene and permethrin with Precor Plus.

For a crisp, well-penetrating flea fogger at a price you’ll love, Precor Plus is worth popping on your shortlist if you’re looking for the best flea bomb.

Rounding out our flea bomb reviews is another consistently popular choice, Zodiac’s 100521158.

You can deal with fleas as well as ticks, cockroaches, spiders and other insects. This Zodiac is really multi-purpose.

The powerful Zodiac formula ensures that fleas will not reappear for more than 6 months.

This 3-pack contains enough fogger for rooms up to 1125 cubic feet.

For a comprehensive, hard-hitting flea solution, Zodiac’s spray fully hits the spot.


We hope you’ve enjoyed these flea bomb reviews.

Fleas are a menace that you just can’t tolerate in your home. Getting the best flea bomb is one surefire way to blitz them for good.

Get in touch any time if you have any questions or comments. We’ll always do our best to help.

Happy fogging!

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