Best Complete Grow Tent Package

More and more people are starting to grow marijuana indoors and doing so can be remarkably confusing.

Best Complete Grow Tent Package

If you are pretty knowledgeable about this area already or you have grown weed before, buying a grow tent and then all the extras separately can be worthwhile.

For beginners or those who are less practical, the growing setup can be approached in a different manner. Getting yourself the best complete grow tent package is one of the smartest ways to acquire everything that you need in one handy kit.

Growing weed straight out the box has never been easier. Today we will look at some things to consider when opting for an all-in-one kit and then look at some complete grow tent package reviews.

Breakdown of Grow Tent Packages

If you are considering a package rather than buying the various components separately, there are 3 initial factors to think about:

  1. Price and Performance
  2. Growing Medium: Hydroponic or Soil?
  3. Size of Grow Tent or Growing Room

Price and Performance

A simple benchmark is to buy the best grow tent package you can afford. There’s no need to overspend your budget but don’t sell yourself short either.

Not only will a higher quality kit have better components leading to superior crops, you’ll also get more life out of it.

Think about what you want from your grow tent package and buy accordingly.

Growing Medium: Hydroponic Or Soil?

Take the trouble to think about which growing medium best suits your needs.

Growing with soil is the natural approach.

If you are just starting to grow, soil is a great entry to the world of indoor growing. With many common snags like your plants lacking in nutrients, soil is pretty forgiving.

Although growing with hydroponics will produce superior results, this is only the case if you know what you’re doing. A hydro grow that deviates from the procedure can result in reduced yields or, in the worst scenario, ruined crops.

Size Of Grow Tent or Growing Room

Every grower has different needs when it comes to the size of the crop.

The bigger a tent or growing area you use, the more plants you can grow. It’s that’s simple.

The good news if you plan to grow more is that it’s no more difficult to operate a large growing tent than it is a small 2x2. Everything in complete grow tent packages is designed so that it is a breeze to maintain your plants and keep to an optimum growing environment.

As well as ensuring that you can accommodate your tent in your designated growing space, it also pays to leave a foot or so around the perimeter. This will allow ample room for intake ports or other accessories.


Now you have narrowed things down in your mind a little and decided upon budget, medium and size, we will move on to some complete grow tent package reviews to make your choice stress-free…

Best Complete Grow Tent Package Reviews

First up is a superb and very reasonably priced grow tent package from HTG Supply.

You’ll be good to grow up to 6 large plants right out the box with this complete combo.

What’s Included?

  • Grow Tent (4.5 x 4.5 AgroMax)
  • Ballast (1000 Watt HPS from HTG Supply)
  • Bulb (GrowBright 1000 Watt HPS)
  • Reflector (High Yield LightWing)
  • Socket Set with 15 foot cord
  • Light Hangers (AgroMax rope ratchets)
  • Voltage: (120V grounded power cord, 10m)
  • Mechanical Timer: (120V single outlet)
  • Thermometer/Hygrometer (GrowBright)
  • Fan (6 inch, incline and clip-on)
  • Hydroponics (Bubble Brothers 6-pot DWC)
  • Nutrients (Soul Grow, Soul Bloom)

Everything you need is thrown in with this package. It’s easy to assemble with no tools required.

Apart from soil and seeds, you really can just plug and play. It really is one of the best complete grow tent packages you can buy.

Another small, stealthy complete grow tent kit is up next with a 4x4 from Worm’s Way featuring a Secret Jardin Darkroom tent. We will look at the best Secret Jardin grow tent in a forthcoming article.

Here, you can enjoy not just the tent but also everything else you need short of the seeds and growing medium to enjoy a respectable harvest throughout the year.

What’s Included?

  • Grow Tent (4 x 4 Secret Jardin Darkroom)
  • Ballast (600 Watt HPS from Sunspot)
  • Bulb (Sunleaves OptiLUME 600 Watt HPS)
  • Reflector (Sunleaves Sunspot 6 plug and play)
  • Duct Kit (Sunleaves)
  • Light Hangers (Sunleaves rope ratchets)
  • Mechanical Timer: (Blueprint EZGrow 120V)
  • Thermometer/Hygrometer (Sunleaves Digital)
  • Fan (6 inch, incline)
  • Hydroponics (Technaflora Recipe For Success Starter Kit)

If you are looking for a reasonably priced package of all your growing needs, this stealthy box could be just what you are looking for.

We will round out our complete grow tent package reviews with an ultra-compact offering, again from Worm’s Way.

If you want to set up a grow room in extremely limited space, this superb collection of equipment could be precisely what the doctor ordered.

From the grow tent, lights and ballast through reflector, thermometer and hygrometer, this is a mean package for the money.

What’s Included?

  • Grow Tent (3 x 3 Secret Jardin Darkroom)
  • Ballast (400 Watt HPS ION Electronic)
  • Bulb (Sunleaves OptiLUME 400 Watt HPS)
  • Reflector (Sunleaves Sunspot 6 plug and play)
  • Duct Kit (Sunleaves)
  • Light Hangers (GroXcess rope ratchets)
  • Mechanical Timer: (Blueprint EZGrow 120V)
  • Thermometer/Hygrometer (Sunleaves Digital)
  • Fan (4 inch, incline)
  • Hydroponics (Technaflora Recipe For Success Starter Kit)

With a charcoal filter thrown in to neutralize any rogue smells, you can focus on getting the best medical marijuana seeds and some growing medium before sowing your way to a respectable harvest a few months from starting out.


For many reasons, opting for the best complete grow tent package can be more tempting than assembling all of the components piecemeal…

Whether you are just starting out and a little lost in terms of what equipment to buy or you’re simply too busy to make individual purchases, there’s plenty to be said for an all-in-one kit.

Always remember to get in touch if you have any questions and feel free to share any articles you find useful.

Also, keep popping back over the following weeks as we continue with our series of articles telling you all you need to know about growing indoors.

Happy growing!

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