Best Chlorine Tablets Reviews

Gardens are wonderful places to relax in.

If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your garden, even better!

More and more people these days are choosing to install pools at home for that perfect combination of relaxation and exercise.

What’s not quite so perfect is the maintenance required.

Think about even a small garden pond. You’ll need a pond filter, pump and vacuum so that things run smoothly. It’s essential to need to keep on top of your swimming pool or hot tub as well.

Today, we’ll present 5 chlorine tablets reviews so that you can keep things as they should be.

We’ll also look first at the most effective way to add the best chlorine tablets to your pride and joy.

What Is Chlorine?

Chlorine was discovered in 1774 and falsely believed to contain oxygen. It was named in 1810. Humphry Davy who named it thought it was an element. This was again incorrect.

Chlorine is a diatomic gas which is green in color. It’s more than twice as heavy as air, has a powerful odor and is extremely poisonous.

In solid and liquid form, chlorine acts as a very powerful bleaching, disinfecting and oxidizing agent.

As well as bleach and the horrifying mustard gas, one of the principal uses for chlorine is as a crucial chemical for water purification.

Why Use Chlorine?

In a nutshell, you need chlorine to purify the water just as much as you’ll rely on a pool heater.

All pathogens and viruses will be removed from the water along with any organic matter or contaminants.

If you want clean and safe water for you and your family, getting a good chlorine tablets is a must.

How To Add Chlorine To Your Pool

You’ve got 4 main options at your disposal:

  • A chemical floater
  • A skimmer
  • Sprinkle granules directly into water
  • An automated chlorinator

Why Chemical Floaters Are Not So Good

The first option can be set aside. If you have a liner made from vinyl, the floater can get trapped on the wall and spill out chlorine in just one area. This can bleach the liner. Also, floaters are not very efficient. Water does not pass through properly and the chlorine will not be distributed evenly.


Be aware of the downsides if you opt for a chemical floater. We mention them because they often crop up on lists of delivery systems but you should take note of the drawbacks.

To Skim or Not To Skim?

A skimmer basket is the smart choice if you can only choose between a floater and a skimmer.

When your pool filter is chugging away, water travels rapidly across the tablets. This dissolves them properly. The return jets will pump the chlorine and spread it nicely throughout your pool.

Be careful when you turn off the pool pump, though. It’s best to remove the chlorine tablets if you’re using a skimmer. When the filter is not running, the tablets will dissolve and this concentrated solution can corrode your equipment. Another alternative is to invest in a variable speed pump.


Although they are a possibility, using granules is really not recommended.

Not only does this method eat up too much time, you’ll also run the risk of bleaching the pool liner.

Automatic Chlorinators: The Smart Choice

When it comes to dispensing chlorine accurately and steadily, you can’t beat an automatic chlorinator.

With one of these nifty tools you can add a large dose of chlorine in one hit. Simply sit back and regulate the output. No more endless applications of tablets.

Chlorinators will also guarantee that your pool liner is safe from bleaching.

For ease and pure convenience, it’s well worth spending out on a chlorinator. The price is negligible compared to the pool itself. Without proper chlorination procedure, your pool is at risk. Why take the chance?

Stabilized or Unstabilized?

Stabilized chlorine is generally added to outdoor pools. Cyanuric acid (CYA) is added to this type of chlorine to add a layer of protection against the sun. The most common unstabilized chlorine comes in liquid form.

The most regular format for stabilized chlorine is either the tablets we will look at today or sticks.

Tablets come in 1-inch or 3-inch form.

How Much Chlorine To Add To Your Pool

As a general benchmark for adding chlorine manually…

One 3-inch chlorine tablet covers 5000 gallons of water.

The math is nice and simple so for a 20,000-gallon swimming pool, throw in 4 of the best chlorine tablets.

Always round up. A 17,000-gallon pool? 4 tablets again.

If you are using an automatic chlorinator, just fill it up and then it’s down to tweaking the controls and delivery rate. Start slowly and build your way up. You’re not going to cause any damage with too little chlorine but you must avoid overkill.


Now you have an overview on the benefits of adding chlorine to the water in your swimming pool, it’s time to check out top 5 chlorine tablets.

All of these products deliver fully so it’s a question of finding the best solution for your pool maintenance needs.

5 Chlorine Tablets Detail Reviews

The chlorine tablets are fundamental to proper pool maintenance.

Any list of chlorine tablet reviews features these great 3-inch tablets from In The Swim.

Although at first glance they may not appear cheap, stop to put the cost in relation to buying the swimming pool. You need to keep things shipshape and the cost of proper chlorine tablets pales into insignificance against the price of a new pool.

With 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione and 90% available chlorine, these tablets allow your chlorine to dissolve very slowly to ensure it lasts the distance. This slow-release method is ideal.

You get around 114 tablets in this jumbo 50-pound tub. When you work out the cost per application, it’s not so bad after all. They are separately wrapped to keep the smell contained and to prevent moisture spoiling them.

These tablets work equally well with skimmers, floaters or automatic feeders so they make a versatile pool maintenance solution.

If you want long-lasting pool hygiene thanks to an industry heavyweight, check out these 3-inch chlorine tablets from In The Swim. They deliver in fine style.

A very cheap offering up next, these superb 1-inch tablets from Kem-Tek. You don’t sacrifice quality for cost, though. These tablets are consistently well reviewed by consumers so you can buy without worrying.

The slow-release 1-inch tablets don’t work well with feeders but for other methods of delivery this size is just fine.

These tablets form part of the Chem Lab 5-Step 5-Color pool maintenance so you can take care of everything yourself in a guided fashion.

You’ll get about 40 tablets in this bottle. Contents are approximate with chlorine tablets.

Made to resist crumbling, you’ll enjoy a nice even delivery of chlorine with these Kem-Tek tablets and they are stabilized to fight back against the sun’s UV rays.

For a no-nonsense chlorine solution, these are well worth checking out.

Another extremely cheap option when it comes to the chlorine tablets, these 3-inch Clorox Pool and Spa represent quality on a budget.

This is the 5-pound container. You can also go for 12, 25 or 35-pound packs instead.

As with all the best tablets, these are individually wrapped. This ensures freshness and makes sure the smell doesn’t seep out.

These tablets work well in skimmers, floaters or feeders. Whatever your delivery system, Clorox has got you covered.

Keep your water free of bacteria and control algae while also being protected from UV rays with this great way to inject the right amount of chlorine into your pool.

Nava make these 3-inch chlorine tablets available in this 50-pound bucket with perhaps 150 tablets or a smaller 25-pound tub if you are on more of a budget.

The individually wrapped tablets will keep your water fresh and unclouded all year long.

Highly concentrated, the tablets will slowly dissolve offering optimum delivery and maintenance of chlorine in your water.

EPA-approved for safety, you won’t get any build-up of mineral scale so you can throw them into the pool with total confidence.

For flexible, stabilized 3-inch tablets that deliver as stated, don’t overlook these Nava.

Last on our list of these reviews is a budget bucket from Pool Mate, a highly respected manufacturer.

You can get a large 50-pound bucket but this dinky 4-pounder will give you a good handful of tablets without breaking the bank.

Each of the separately wrapped tablets will deliver a controlled and concentrated dose of chlorine to keep your pool in the finest of health.

There’s no problem whether you choose to use a feeder, floater or skimmer. The advantage of 3-inch tablets is that they do just as well whatever the system.

For a budget pack of chlorine tablets at a superb price, think long and hard about these 3-inchers from Pool Mate.


We hope you’ve found these reviews useful. You can buy in complete confidence if you opt for any of the tablets outlined above.

Please drop us a line any time if you have any queries or feedback. We’ll respond promptly. We are always striving to provide as much useful information on all aspects of gardening. If there’s anything you’d like us to cover here, just let us know.

Now go and get that pool water clean!

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