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For most of us, a chainsaw really isn’t an item you customize. You simply look for the chainsaw you like best, and once you find it, that is pretty much it. Sure, you will need to sharpen the chain from time to time, and replace it when needed, but beyond that, you just leave it alone, never thinking about if another option would be the best chainsaw bar.

But for those who use their chainsaw for professional purposes or who use it fairly frequently, it can be necessary to change things up a bit. And the place where customization is most common is with the chainsaw bar. To help you navigate this customization option for your chainsaw, we have assembled a list of the five best chainsaw bars on the market today.


Top 5 Chainsaw Bars Comparison Table

Product Name





Our Rating

Oregon 105671 20-Inch Replacement Chain Saw Bar

Oregon 105671 20-Inch Replacement Chain Saw Bar and Chain Combo For Stihl

20 inches

3 pounds, including chain

Cutting large or thick logs.

Editor Choice

Intenz Bar/Chain 16" S56

Intenz Bar/Chain 16" S56

16 inches

1.8 pounds, including chain

Multi-purpose, works with most types of wood.


Oregon 540391 16-Inch Pro-Lite Bar

Oregon 540391 16-Inch Pro-Lite Bar and 22BPX

16 inches

1.9 pounds, including chain

Multi-purpose, works with most types of wood.


ISE 18" Falcon Chainsaw Bar

ISE 18" Falcon Chainsaw Bar to Fit Stihl

18 inches


Cutting large and thick logs


Poulan Pro 14" Guide Bar & Chain

Poulan Pro 14" Guide Bar & Chain BLUE Color Match

14 inches

1 pound, including chain

Cutting shorter and thinner pieces of wood, like branches


What Are Chainsaws Good For?

For those who do not use their chainsaw for professional purposes, their chainsaw is mainly used to take care of simple tasks around the house. It might be used to trim trees, or to cut up branches that fall after a storm. For those with wood-burning fireplaces, it might be used to cut firewood. In general, those who are using chainsaws for non-professional purposes will not purchase a chainsaw bar for customization purposes, but they might need to replace theirs due to damage or wear and tear over time.

Those who use their chainsaws for professional purposes are much more likely to seek a chainsaw bar for customization purposes specific to their needs, opting for the best chainsaw bar for each job. And there are many professions that require the use of chainsaws, such as landscapers, wood artisans, and even firemen. Different aspects of their jobs can require different lengths of bars, so they might even keep several sizes on hand.

What Is a Chainsaw Bar?

What is chainsaw bar


Before you get into replacing or customizing your chainsaw bar, you should understand what it is. In essence, the chainsaw bar is the guide for the chainsaw chain. Your chain must fit perfectly against the bar for safety and effectiveness. The chain runs along the bar, rotating and cutting through the wood. The length of the bar also determines the balance of the chainsaw, how fast it cuts, and the diameter of the wood the chainsaw can handle.

Why Might You Change the Bar on Your Chainsaw?

The first reason to replace your chainsaw bar is that it is looking worse for wear or has been damaged. Damaged chainsaw bars are highly problematic. Beyond not being the best chainsaw bar to use, they are actually dangerous. For example, a bent bar does not provide a steady guide for the chain, and the chain can fly off, injuring you and others. Chips in the bar can also cause the same issues, and both chips and bent bars can damage chainsaw chains, resulting in your needing to replace both the bar and the chain.

However, not everyone who wants to replace their chainsaw bar does so because of problems with the bar. As noted above, professionals will often want to customize bar length to suit their needs. This can be because they are working in a small space and need a smaller bar, or they are cutting thick pieces of wood and need a longer bar. However, when choosing the best chainsaw bar for you, there are a few things you need to consider, which we will explain below.

How to Choose the Best Chainsaw Bar

Many chainsaw bar buying guides talk about things such as pitch and gauge when determining which chainsaw bar is right for you. However, these criteria actually describe the chainsaw chain, not the chainsaw bar, so they are not what you should be looking at when buying the best chainsaw bar for you. The goal should not be to fit the bar to the chain, but to fit the bar to the motor and the chain to the bar. Below are the criteria you should consider when buying a chainsaw bar.


The length of your chainsaw bar determines how quickly it cuts and the diameter of the wood it can handle. Shorter bars cut faster, but longer bars can handle thicker pieces of wood. And while it might be tempting to select your chainsaw bar simply based on the reason you are using it, this can be a dangerous decision.

Why can this be a dangerous decision? Because the first thing you should consider when choosing a chainsaw bar is the power of the engine in your chainsaw. A low-powered engine with a long bar creates a very dangerous situation, and a very high-powered engine with a short bar can cause similar issues. With too little power for the bar, the chainsaw will struggle to work, making it harder to control. With too much power for the bar, it can cause the chainsaw to pull on you and take away your control, similar to the way placing a big engine in a tiny car would make it harder for the driver to control.

Your user manual for your chainsaw should specify which bar lengths are safe for your engine. However, if you do not have this manual, you still need to make a safe decision. A 30 cc to 45 cc engine can handle bars from 10 inches to 14 inches in length. 40 cc to 50 cc engines pair with 14-inch to 16-inch chain bars. 50 cc to 60 cc engines can handle 18 inch and 20 inch bars.


Another factor to consider is the weight. Longer bars change the balance of the chainsaw, and this can make it harder for you to handle the weight. Which weight is best for you depends less on the chainsaw and more on what you are comfortable with. The best chainsaw bar for you should be one you can handle easily without becoming fatigued.


Finally, you should consider the purpose you will be using the chainsaw for. Thin pieces of wood can be cut with shorter bars, while thicker pieces of wood need longer bars. However, always defer to what is safe for the engine rather than what you think will best suit your purpose.


Whether you are replacing a damaged bar or trying to customize your chainsaw, it is important that you consider length, weight, and purpose when choosing which is the best chainsaw bar for you. However, the most important factor to consider is which length is best suited to the engine power of your chainsaw. Remember, the safest choice is the best choice.

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