Best Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was a disgraced king sentenced to fruitlessly roll a boulder up a very steep hill for eternity.

Sometimes garden maintenance can seem like exactly the kind of impossible task.

There’s always something that needs painting or touching up.

Today, we’ll give you 5 airless paint sprayer reviews along with what to look for when buying the best paint sprayer.

Taking the trouble to invest in one of these nifty appliances can help make very light work indeed of your painting duties.

What Is A Paint Sprayer?

using a paint sprayer

A paint sprayer is a device that helps you cover large surfaces with paint quickly and easily.

As well as paint, you can also use varnish and ink in these mechanical sprayers.

You can paint wood, metal, brick and masonry in double quick time and with completely even coverage.

Why Use A Paint Sprayer?

Speed and convenience are the two main selling points for paint sprayers.

Painting can be a tiring process, especially if you are dealing with large areas. Get yourself a paint sprayer and you can take care of business in a fraction the time of using a paintbrush.

Paint Sprayer Features

  • Portability: If you have a large project for which you will need a portable sprayer, look for a model which is wheeled or in the form of a backpack. You can move around fuss-free with these sprayers
  • Cleaning: Spraying paint is a messy business. Keeping your sprayer clean is essential for it to function effectively. Many of the best airless paint sprayers will attach neatly to your garden hose allowing you to keep things tip-top without the hassle of disassembling everything
  • Adjustability: The best sprayers let you tweak the thickness of paint dispensed, the pattern of the spray and the speed. Although using sprayers is tough to begin with, the adjustability gives you complete freedom once you have mastered the controls

Types of Paint Sprayer

There are 3 main varieities of paint sprayer:

  • Airless
  • Compressed Air
  • High Volume Low Pressure

Airless Paint Sprayer

If you are looking to take on a large painting job and you are not concerned about overspray, an airless sprayer is a smart choice.

The most common methods for powering an airless paint sprayer are:

  • Electric Motor
  • Gas Motor
  • Hydraulic Motor

Despite the name, some of these sprayers are actually powered through air compression.

Airless sprayers harness incredible power since they operate at extremely high pressure. The coating they produce is thick and even. It reduces the number of times you will need to coat each surface.

If you are working on uneven surfaces or you need to access awkward spots, go for an airless model.

As well as spraying rapidly, the coats of paint from airless sprayers stick perfectly to the painted surface saving you even more time.

With an airless sprayer, you can use pretty thick paints. Whether you want to paints walls and ceilings inside or fences, decking and shuttering in the garden, the raw power and efficiency of an airless sprayer takes some beating.

 This useful video shows you how to get going with an airless sprayer.

Compressed Air Paint Sprayer

These standard sprayers use an air compressor to kick out very thin layers of paint.

You can buy this version with an inbuilt compressor. With others, you can hook the unit up to an existing air compressor saving a little cash.

There are 3 principal parts to a compressed air sprayer:

  • Paint Basin
  • Trigger
  • Nozzle

First, pop your paint or coating into the basin. Simply connect to a source of power and hit the trigger. The compressed air will start to mix with the paint and atomize it. Your paint will then come shooting out of the nozzle in a thin layer.

This style of sprayer is not straightforward to operate. There are many variables. You need to think about the flow of the air and the paint along with the width of the spray. This can be tricky to master but once you are up and running, this flexibility becomes a weapon.

The serious downside of compressed air sprayers is wastage. Fully 70% of the paint oversprays making them inefficient, messy and costly. This is marginally offset by the fact they are pretty cheap to buy.

High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) Paint Sprayers

Since conventional sprayers are so inefficient, HVLP models were developed to combat the waste caused by overspray.

These sprayers combine a greater volume of air with a reduced pressure. This makes for an accurate spray with a transfer rate of up to 80%. This is a significant improvement over the 30% rate with conventional sprayers.

HVLP sprayers are highly accurate but pretty slow. You don’t want to undertake areas much larger than a door but the results will be outstanding.

For a thin and accurate coat of paint when you are not in a rush, HVLP paint sprayers are worth exploring.


Now you have a good overview of the different types of paint sprayer and what to look out for when buying one, it’s time to check out some examples…

We’ll look now at top 5 airless paint sprayer so you can get the right sprayer for your requirements.

5 Best Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

Product Name


Spray Rate(GPM)

Maximum Pressure(PSI)


Our Rating

Graco MagnumX5

Graco Magnum X5





Graco MagnumX7

Graco Magnum X7




Editor's Choice

HomeRight C800879

HomeRight C800879





Krause and Becker

Krause and Becker





Graco MagnumProject Plus

Graco Magnum Project Plus





First up is a consistent market leader from the highly reputable Graco Magnum.

The X5 is good for low to medium painting jobs. From fences and roofs to ceilings and walls, you can get a good coating of paint double-quick.

This model is labeled a Project Sprayer. It’s no use for heavy-duty work but if you paint perhaps 3 or 4 times a year, the X5 is ideal.

The pressure is easily adjustable offering you real flexibility as you spray. The 1/2 HP motor will deliver 0.27 gallons a minute. You’ll get a maximum air pressure of 3000 PSI.

You can spray directly from 1 or 5-gallon cans of paint. Cleaning and maintenance is a breeze. The X5 will connect to your garden hose via the Power Flush adapter. The suction tube is nice and flexible and long enough for you to move around with ease.

For a lightweight and portable airless paint sprayer, the Graco Magnum X5 delivers in fine style.


  • Very user-friendly Adjustable Pressure Control
  • Long hose offers great mobility
  • ​Simple to clean and maintain
  • ​Highly economical sprayer
  • ​3000 PSI maximum pressure great for most painting jobs
  • 1/2 HP motor will spray 0.27 GPM


  • Not the cheapest sprayer but good value for money

Another superb sprayer from Graco Magnum is up next, the heavier duty X7 which comes mounted on a nifty cart.

If you are looking to undertake pretty regular and extensive painting projects, think seriously about this superb sprayer.

Like its smaller brother, you’ll enjoy a maximum pressure of 3000 PSI and a more than capable 5/8 HP motor.

You can choose from a number of spray settings to fine-tune your experience.

The stainless steel piston pump is extremely durable. The same is true for the chrome plated handle and the overall build quality. This might not be the cheapest paint sprayer but you certainly gain in terms of lifespan.

Moving the sprayer around is a walk in the park. It comes mounted on a cart so that walking around with the appliance and a 5-gallon paint pot won’t cause you to break a sweat.

For a reliable and accurate airless paint sprayer that will stand the test of time, pop the Graco Magnum X7 on your shortlist.


  • Spray gun is rugged and built to last
  • Power piston aids smooth operation
  • No clogging due to auto-prime functionality
  • Lessen chance of spillage on the go with paint saver pail hook
  • 3000 PSI maximum pressure more than adequate
  • 5/8 HP universal motor will spray 0.31 GPM


  • Gun can jam after heavy usage
  • Expensive

HomeRight have a reputation for producing top-notch appliances at a very reasonable price-point.

The C800879 is an airless sprayer with a 1/2 HP motor capable of kicking out 0.24 gallons per minute. You can paint quickly and effortlessly with the HomeRight.

Like the Graco Magnum sprayers, this model is also no problem to clean and maintain. This is essential with sprayers to maintain maximum efficiency and ensure an enhanced lifespan.

The switches and buttons are user-friendly and ergonomic. You can take on even large projects without feeling uncomfortable or strained.

If you plan to do a fair bit of painting outdoors on a regular basis, it’s worth investing in the C800879. Get the job done swiftly with no compromise on quality.


  • Sprays extremely rapidly for your convenience
  • Great value for money for an airless sprayer
  • Cleaning and maintenance hassle-free
  • Variable pressure control for customized painting
  • 2800 PSI maximum pressure for optimum results
  •  1/2 HP universal motor produces flow of 0.24 GPM
  • Reversible spray tips prevent clogging


  • Suspect packaging

As we near the end of our reviews, we look at a fairly inexpensive yet impressive model from Krause and Becker.

Most sprayers in this class come with a ½ HP motor but the Krause and Becker steps it up to 5/8 HP. The flow rate is excellent at 0.31 gallons per minute. Pressure maxes out at 3000 PSI. Overall, this is an extremely competent and able sprayer.

Heavy use can lead to corrosion in the paint pickup. The use of stainless steel means that this sprayer is built to last and you won’t be plagued with the menace of corroded parts.

Overspray means that you are best advised to use the Krause and Becker for any outdoor projects you have. It’s not the wisest choice if you plan to paint indoors.

For a lightweight sprayer which is also highly durable and very easy on the pocket, Krause and Becker’s airless version will not disappoint.


  • Great value for money for an airless model
  • 3000 PSI maximum pressure for optimum results
  • 5/8 HP motor gives flow rate of 0.31 GPM
  • Stainless steel paint pickup prevents chance of corrosion
  • Useful and user-friendly trigger lock
  • Great with latex and oil paint
  • Works well with a range of tips
  • Best for spraying outside


  • Watch out for O-rings coming out, especially when cleaning the sprayer
  • Does not work well indoors

We will round out our look at the best paint sprayers with yet another model from Graco Magnum, this time the Project Plus.

Weighing in at just 10 pounds, the Project Plus is perfect for occasional painting jobs where portability is a high concern.

The 3/8 HP motor and 2800 PSI of maximum pressure are more than enough for the intended purpose of smaller painting jobs. You will get a flow of up to 0.24 gallons per minute which is about average for the class of small paint sprayer.

Cleaning is super-simple. Just connect your Project Plus to your garden hose and you’re good to go.

If you don’t plan to use your paint sprayer often and have smaller jobs in mind, the Project Plus is a very smart choice.


  • Very affordable yet high quality
  • 2800 PSI pressure reasonable
  • 3/8 HP motor with flow rate of 0.24 GPM
  • PowerFlush adapter lets you connect to garden hose for easy cleaning
  • Supports up to 50 feet of hose so work up high without stretching
  • SwitchTip lets you reverse tip and avoid clogging


  • Not ideal for larger projects


We hope you found these reviews have helped in your hunt for the best paint sprayer. You don’t need to spend a fortune to make your life much easier.

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any queries or feedback at all. We love to hear from our readers and always respond promptly.

Happy painting!

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