Best 3×3 Grow Tent Reviews

We are continuing our best grow tent series with a look today at some of the most effective 3x3 tents on the market.

For anyone who wants a grow tent for medical marijuana, we are here to clear up a lot of the confusion about the different sizes on offer.

A large tent is no more difficult to get up and running than a smaller one. Sure, it might be slightly more fiddly to erect but, once it’s installed, the logistics are the same regardless of size.

The main difference is in the number of plants you can expect to crop.

With a 3x3 grow tent and some LED lights, you can grow up to 50 plants using a Sea of Green growing approach.

Sea of Green is a method of growing we have looked at already in a previous article. It takes full advantage of all available space. 50 plants should be considered a maximum under optimum conditions so don’t bank on this as a guaranteed harvest.

In today’s look at 3x3 tents, we have stepped back from some of the usual suspects and present a trio of tents that deliver great quality but come in very cheaply indeed.


It’s time to move on to the best 3x3 grow tent reviews.

3x3 Grow Tent Reviews

Alongside Gorilla and Secret Jardin, Apollo Horticulture has long been one of the industry leaders when it comes to the best grow tents.

Grow up to 50 plants in a tight space with this outstanding 3x3 tent.

The density of the fabric on a grow tent is crucial. This material is thick, tear-proof and double-stitched to prevent any unwanted light from intruding inside and interfering with your grow.

The floor tray, like the lining of the tent, is made from highly reflective Mylar. You can remove this tray to minimize the chance of any accidents mixing water and electric.

Although Apollo Horticulture is a first-rate manufacturer, the price of this tent is surprisingly competitive.

You can buy safe in the knowledge that you’re covered with a 90-day warranty so if you experience any teething problems you can get them taken care of fuss-free.


  • Tear-proof, dense tent fabric
  • Highly respectable brand so buy with confidence
  • Mylar lining highly reflective
  • Grow up to 50 plants in a limited space
  • Double-stitched zippers to lessen any light leakage
  • Steel frame is highly durable
  • Handy observation window so you can monitor plants with ease
  • Removable Mylar floor tray for total convenience
  • 90-day warranty


  • Be vigilant for any light leaking from seams

Another excellent choice next with a nicely designed 3x3 tent from LA Garden.

The Oxford fabric on this tent is not as heavy as that used by some competitors but will still provide you with a secure and light-tight growing environment.

The lining is Mylar with a deliberate diamond pattern which really maxes out the reflectivity.

You can check out your plants on a regular basis without constantly opening the tent. The viewing window is a very handy addition.

Thinking of additions, you’ll also get 4 nylon straps so that you can hang up all the equipment you need like lights and fans. Removable water trays are also included.

Accommodating these fans and filters is made super-simple with several nifty vents.

If you are looking for a cheap, entry-level tent which will allow you to grow 50 plants in confidence, think hard about this superb 3x3 grow tent from LA Garden.


  • Extremely cheap with no dip in quality
  • Long-lasting 210D Oxford fabric
  • Reflective Mylar lined with diamond shape for maximum reflectivity
  • 4 nylon belts for hanging equipment thrown in
  • Zippers will not let you down in a hurry
  • Waterproof trays removable
  • Multiple venting for great circulation
  • Large window so check out your plants with ease


  • Check for light tightness all the way around the tent

We will round out this look at the most effective 3x3 grow tent reviews with a great budget tent from Milliard.

The Oxford fabric over steel frame is a classic grow tent combo and the Milliard is a great, solid example.

Coming in at 6 feet high with floor dimensions of 3x3 square foot, you can bring on about 50 plants if you so wish without needing too much spare room.

If you have experienced problems working in a tent with the door continuously opening and closing, Milliard help out with a nifty little hook to prevent the door from shutting as you tend your plants.

Some users report issues with pricks of light in various weak spots but the majority describe a very tight construction which will keep your crop sealed safely away and flourishing.

With all your venting and ducting needs provided, this great 3x3 grow tent is a nice way to test out indoor growing without needing to spend a fortune.


  • Perfect for growing in tight spaces
  • Large viewing window: keep an eye on your plants
  • Handy hook keeps door open while you work
  • Dense Oxford tent
  • Strong steel frame for excellent support
  • Waterproof and airtight for sealed growing environment
  • Great venting and ducting so all bases covered
  • Removable floor pan for safety and convenience


  • Some users report problems with light leaking
  • Check that zippers do not cause leakage


For more information on 3x3 grow tents or anything related to growing medical marijuana, please get in touch. We always try to respond in a timely fashion.

In this grow tent series, we’ll continue stepping things up in size.

Come back for the forthcoming 4x4 grow tent review. We hope you’ve spotted something of interest in this 3x3 grow tent review.

Now get growing!

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