Best 2×2 Grow Tent Reviews

When you are looking for the best grow tent, the range of sizes available can send your head spinning.

You can buy tiny tents good for a couple of stealthy plants or commercial grow set-ups that will fill a room.

As with any purchase, analyzing your specific needs is key to getting the best equipment for the job.

A 2x2 tent will be large enough to grow up to 16 plants using a Sea of Green method. You’ll get slightly less using a Screen of Green.

We’ll have a look at these two different approaches to growing weed then look at the 3 best 2x2 grow tent reviews.

What Is Sea of Green?

With SOG or Sea of Green, you force young and small plants into the flowering stage.

This happens after only about 2 weeks of vegetative growth.

This system originated in the Netherlands and its core purpose is to make efficient use of space. If you have limited room or, at the other end of the scale, have a larger operation requiring a continuous supply, Sea of Green is the perfect solution.

What Is Screen of Green?

Unlike the canopy method of Sea of Green, with Screen of Green plants are trained using a horizontal screen. This goes above the plants and encourages the buds to form on the branch stems.

Screen of Green is ideal for small and stealthy grows. It works particularly well with LED lights.

We will look now at 3 of the best 2x2 grow tents on the market.

In this grow tent series, we’ll try to cater for all tastes and budgets.

Since we have dedicated separate articles to Gorilla Grow Tents and Secret Jardin Grow Tents, we will mainly try to cover tents from different manufacturers during this size-by-size guide to the best grow tents.

There really is a tent for every type of grow!

2x2 Grow Tent Reviews

First up is a 2x2 from Yaheetech which is fantastic value for money.

If you are just starting out growing marijuana and don’t want to risk spending too much on a set-up, this tent would make a great starting point.

Although it’s not the densest of fabrics, at 600D it’s thick enough to give you a nice controlled micro-environment for your plants.

The zippers are nice and secure with reinforcement to prevent light leakage from affecting your yield.

With a removable floor tray, tough straps for your grow lights and fans, this tent should be on your shortlist if you’re looking for a great value 2x2.


  • Decent, durable fabric: 600D PVC and Oxford
  • Really cheap
  • Ducting holes and mesh vents
  • Space-saving design
  • Reinforced zippers to minimize light leakage
  • Removable floor tray
  • Straps for attaching lights and fan nice and sturdy


  • No warranty offered
  • Tent fabric could be thicker

Another inexpensive 2x2 next, an eye-catching tent from Quictent.

For an entry-level piece of kit, the Quictent has a great build quality. The frame gives you a solid structure for the 600D canvas.

This tent comes very well respected in terms of safety. It’s certified and built to an EN71-3 rating. This shows that no materials react badly with chemicals so you can focus on your crop stress-free.

The Mylar lining reflects pretty much all light maximizing your yield.

Zippers are the usual weak points on grow tents but the anti-burst metal zippers on the Quictent won’t let you down.

Due to its limited height, you might be best sticking to dwarf strains.

For a compact tent capable of growing up to 16 plants, think seriously about this black and green beauty.


  • Solid frame with sturdy poles
  • 600D durable fabric
  • Highly reflective Mylar lining
  • Extremely cheap
  • Zippers will not let you down
  • SGS Tested and Certified so grow with confidence
  • EN71-3 Eco Rating
  • 2-year limited warranty


  • At 48 inches high, this tent is best with dwarf strains

It would be tough to include a list of the best 2x2 grow tents and not mention the slightly off-sized 2x2.5 from the mighty Gorilla.

Gorilla’s tents are not cheap but they offer a LITE LINE for anyone on a budget. You can enjoy the confidence of buying into the Gorilla brand without the eye-watering price tag.

The LITE LINE tents are similar in most respects. The notable exception is that the poles used to extend the height of your tent must be purchased separately. They are not bundled in free of charge like with the main line tents.

You should be able to grow anywhere from 10-16 plants if you max out the space in this compact grow tent.

The fabric of the tent comes in at 210D which is not particularly dense but it’s certainly fit for purpose. Lined with highly reflective Mylar, you can really get the most out of your crop.

The viewing windows mean you can keep an eye on things without needing to constantly go in and out of the tent. Not only does this interfere with the controlled growing environment, you also risk weakening the zippers on your tent through overuse.

If you want to take the sting out of growing indoors, think seriously about the LTGGT22.


  • Sturdy fabric 210D
  • Brand heritage at a great price
  • Zippers built to last
  • Viewing windows make monitoring your plants a breeze
  • Pest control through Pre-Filters
  • Solid steel frame


  • Height extension of 1 foot not included
  • Less substantial than original GGT


If you require any further information on 2x2 grow tents or ay other aspect of growing medical marijuana, please get in touch. We will get back to you as promptly as possible.

This series on different sizes of grow tents will continue over the coming weeks. We will go up in size to the impressive 10x10 grow tents so keep returning for more.

Happy growing!

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