Best 10×10 Grow Tent Reviews

Over the past weeks, we have looked at some great ways in which you can grow marijuana at home.

In our detailed grow tent series, we have walked you through all of the different sizes available when it comes to the best grow tents and showed you grow tent reviews to make your buying decision a little easier.

Whatever your budget, level of expertise or desired number of plants, we have outlined a tent for everyone.

For anyone looking to max out with a bumper harvest on a year-round basis, today’s article will show you how to get the best tent for the job.

Today, we are rounding off our series with 2 of the best 10x10 grow tent reviews.

With a 10x10 grow tent and some well chosen grow lights , you could yield well over 350 plants with a maxed-out Sea of Green grow. That’s a great deal of weed.

Let’s look now at 2 excellent options for you if you’re looking for the best 10x10 grow tent on the market.

Predictably, Gorilla makes an appearance. It’s hard to review the best grow tents without including something from the leading name in the game. The other sizeable tent is from LA Garden which is more affordable while still very high quality.


Let’s look now at a couple of 10x10 grow tent reviews so you can choose the best option for your personal growing situation.

10x10 Grow Tent Reviews

When it comes to anything related to growing medical marijuana, Gorilla are widely considered to be the go-to brand.

Sure, their products are not the cheapest. You need to pay for quality, though.

This 10x10 grow tent at the upper end of their diverse size range is no exception. Everything is built to the exacting standards you expect from this thoroughly reputable brand.

1680 denier fabric is far denser than that provided on the tents of the vast bulk of the competition. Density is key when growing marijuana so you can maintain a controlled environment inside the tent with no light leakage.

Zippers let many manufacturers down. These come under heavy fire with grow tents being continuously zipped back and forth. Gorilla serve you up with some hardcore zippers that will not betray you and spoil your grow.

EZ View windows mean that you can keep an eye on things without needlessly stressing those zippers and disturbing the lighting in your tent.

If you want even more size, the extension kit means you can increase the height to 8 feet or 9 feet if conditions dictate that to be necessary.

The flood pool is highly durable and just what you need so you can grow without worrying about mishaps.

If you want a really substantial tent capable of returning you 350 plants, you should give serious consideration to this Gorilla 10x10.

It’s not cheap but will give you a massive return on your outlay. Think of the size of that harvest…


  • 1680D threaded canvas
  • EZ View windows take the sting out of constantly entering and exiting the tent
  • First-rate reflectivity due to Mylar lining with diamond pattern for optimum effect
  • Height adjustable with extension kit included
  • Flood pool incredibly well-built so safety is assured
  • Strong, reliable zippers
  • Designed to stop all light leakage


  • The sheer size can be overwhelming so make sure this kind of tent is what you are looking for before investing
  • As always with Gorilla, take note that they don’t take much care of concealing the contents of your package

​Coming in at a far keener price point, this excellent 10x10 grow tent from LA Garden is big enough for pretty much all growing needs and does not sacrifice quality for cost.

The Oxford cloth is thick and dense enough to do its job at creating a controlled growing environment. The diamond Mylar inside ensures you get the most out of your grow.

The Oxford cloth is thick and dense enough to do its job at creating a controlled growing environment. The diamond Mylar inside ensures you get the most out of your grow.

You can avoid needing to constantly traipse in and out of the tent. The pair of viewing windows mean you can monitor proceedings from outside any time you want.

When you are growing 350 plants, you need plenty of equipment. 6 nylon straps will bear the load of any lights and fans you need to hang up.

The vents are equipped with a high density screen. This effectively keeps out mosquito fly protecting your plants and allowing you to relax rather than panic about pests.


  • 600D Oxford canvas
  • Aluminum frame is highly durable and supportive
  • Diamond, waterproof Mylar reflects just about all light
  • Pair of observation windows to keep an eye on things fuss-free
  • High density screen on vents eliminates mosquito fly inside
  • Multiple venting for perfect climate control
  • 6 nylon belts to accommodate all necessary equipment


  • Very large so be sure this will fit in your grow space


We very much hope that anyone interested in growing medical marijuana has found this extensive grow tent series useful and informative.

At no stage do we suggest that any particular tent is the best option. Everyone has entirely different growing

Please feel free to get in touch at any time at all. Whether it’s some advice on choosing the best grow tent or anything else related to gardening, we’re always delighted to hear from our readers.

You should now be armed with more than enough information to ensure that you end up with the best grow tent for your needs at a price point you can afford. You have so much choice and so many superb tents to choose from, it’s then just a case of selecting the best seeds and taking care of business.


Whether it’s the best 10x10 grow tent or a much smaller version you prefer, happy growing and good luck!

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